My new "Hillman"

hey all (and jase!!)

i’ve finally finished the new ride.

bought from perth after jaseyjase posted it many months ago and brought over (eventually) by gene genie. turns out it’s not actually a hillman (or only 20% likely according to hillman themselves). there’s no serial number i can see on the bottom bracket and can’t be bothered taking the fork out to check for a number there. i’m still really happy with it as it’s obviously a hand built frame with nice lugwork, tight geo and a relatively low weight. be nice to know what it is obviously so let me know if you think the lugs look familiar. there’s a few other details i could post if necessary.

anyway, here she is, i’ve named her Millie:

helmet’s not mine, just a spare in the shed

ended up with 2 rolls saddles after the first had a tiny split in it. free replacement :slight_smile:

so so so so smooth

anyone know who built this?

minimal toe overlap still. good times

“Hillman” track frame – 54.5cm st c-c 55.5cm tt c-c
Reynolds 531 frame, 681 fork
Velocity Aeros laced to Phil Wood Low Flange hubs
Suntour Superbe BB
Sugino Super Mighty cranks
Sugino 48t chainring
Roselli 17t rear cog
Phil Wood lockring
MKS Sylvans
Soma double cages
Some leather straps
Campagnolo C-Record Aero seatpost
San Marco Rolls Saddle with titanium rails
Campagnolo headset
Nitto Pearl 90mm stem
Nitto B123 alloy bars
Gran Compe shot lever
Gran Compe clamp on brake
Champ/Soyo grips

quick thanks to a few people:
jase - for posting and hassling me to get pics up asap!
gene - going to check it out, picking it up off the seller and then bringing it to melbourne with him and not asking for any money for postage.
HMC/Nikcee/Blakey (and no doubt numerous others) - for providing info/advice on numerous purchases (frame mainly)
kate (not rolly’s girlfriend! hahaha) - dealing with my indecision on an almost daily basis
john - for the wheelset and the loan of a clamp on brake to try
ben(is fixed) - for being a good bloke when he didn’t have to be
manbau - for the cranks and numerous other freebies

also a massive thanks to sasha at ponybikes for putting up with my ALL my regular requests for help/info/advice and general pestering as this build went along, always with a smile. she also put things together when i wasn’t able to and handed me a beer at the end of it all. great service so go check out the shop!

right, i promised myself i wouldn’t cry and this is turning into an Oscar acceptance speech that just never ends!!

hope ya like it. cya out there


Very classy. Im loving those low flange Phils

thanks mate. i did have a set of white b43’s to go on it but i realised that would be a very, very uncool thing to do!

Welcome to the pseudo Hillman club. Great build! And the thankyou is much appreciated, least i could do!
Now go ride that thing!

hey whats wrong with B43s on a nice old trackbike!!!.. =( (im getting some aeroheads built up to some mailards actually)

rolly, bout fukkin time. Looks really classy mate, nice job mate.

haha i don’t mind b43’s on old track frames, just not this one!! really wanted to keep it as minimal as possible and let the frame be the feature.

rolly, bout fukkin time

we were talkin about how long it took today actually. i think gene had it in perth for nearly 2 months!! took about a month to finish once i actually got my hands on it!!

glad ya like it

Very nice build buddy, awesome choice of parts.
You’ve definitely done the frame justice.
Enjoy riding it!

adjust the seat angle


it ok i guess

nice work rolly

Those Phils are so nice! Look more classy than high flange imo.
Are aeroheads machined? Also, if you ever want to sell this wheel set let me know :slight_smile:
Sweet ride anyway

Bike looks fantastic! Definitely think this wheelset is much more suited. Nice and low profile. Lovin’ it!

ive got a hillman track frame with exactly the same frame lugs.
the dropouts and fork crown are quite different though.

That whole setup is perfect.
Well done man.

Mint as.
so neat. I dream of having a bike so classy (it’ll never happen though, I’d only spoil it)

Wheelset looks perfect as is. Do NOT change to B43’s, please.

That’s a Nice Bike no matter who made it love the 70’s decal’s, the blue and the wheels hope it rides as good as it looks.

thanks everyone, glad you all like it.

slinky - it rides so so so so nice, especially compared to my 2009 mongoose maurice fixed gear!! think it’s more 80’s than 70’s though. hillman tell me they sold these decals by the ton back then. they regret it now though as other makers just slapped them onto their frames!!!
luker - dunno if they’re machined as such, but they run a brake fine, they will not be for sale any time soon (or ever!)
henry - interesting, i will need to get more pics up and see if we can get an answer, but like slinky said, it doesn’t really matter who made it.

and horatio - rest assured, b43’s will not see this frame. they’re sitting in the shed as i wasn’t willing to put them on even though it would’ve been the easiest option.

thanks again


whatever that frame is, it sure is lucky!
amazing components list there - such a cool mix of italian, jap and american parts! really nice job
would love to see that go past on the streets

real nice, rolly. good to see an understated, classic build.

My bike has the same lugs too but mine is not a Hillman.

thanks jams, this is exactly what i was going for.

john - your avatar says you’re in europe, could be a tough ask!! thanks mate
azz - might be commonly used lugs from the 80’s. will need to post dropouts etc too. it does have gipiemme dropouts and fork ends. the guy at hillman said they were a bit nicer than what they used to use…