my new one

visp frame and forks
half link
fleabay cranks
soma clips and straps
shimano “pro” seatpost, risers and stem
old saddle

nice work

Identical to my new build but orange not yellow!

Thanks for posting, gives me a clearer indication of how mine will look all built up now!

Looks great.

Halloween getup! Nice man!

Colours looks great… I’m curious though, a you sure it’s a VISP?

The VISP frames I’ve seen on eBay don’t have the aero section of the ST extending all the way to the top. Like this:

It looks more like this Leader (except for the HT)

It really doesn’t matter, perhaps Leader and Visp come from the same factory - like I said, just curious.

I arrived in a box with a big visp logo on it…guessin same sweatshop…

second generation VISP’s dont have aero tube all the way up.
That is an earlier version.

how light is that all built up?

Bout 8 kgs on my bathroom scales

how is it to ride?
an orange seat on that would be the icing on the cake.

my mate just bought a white visp frame one off ebay and some orange b43s.

Just had my first good ride…rides pretty nice…fits me real well…I’m a shortass!!
Got a kashimax aero on it’s way for it…not orange though

good orange seat would be over-kill.

Looking on the eBays they are listed as TRX-NS and TRX 795
NS has no decal and aero all the way.
I got a “795” with decals and it hasnt got aero tubing all the way.

Looks tight. I like the colour scheme.

looks nice. im loving the colourway

…and I love vagina, we are all winners!!!


who the fuck edited my post! quite funny tho

Automated word substitution :slight_smile: