My new Road build, Sarroni masterlight.

To begin with:

Also have pedals, tyres, wheels (being built currently), matching water bottles (:p) and the groupo has been ordered. only need to order headset, and it will be done!

here is the build that i am going with.
Brakes: Campagnolo Record 11sp
Cables: Campagnolo Record 11sp
Crankset: Campagnolo Record 11sp
Fork: Colnago Precisa
Frame: Colnago Masterlight
Grips: Colnago Tape (of fizik, undecided)
Handlebar: 3T Rotundo Pro
Headset: Campagnolo Record
Pedals: Speedplay Zero Chromo.
Quick Releases: Campagnolo Record
Seat Binder: Colnago
Seat: Selle Italia SLR
Seatpost: Colnago
Stem: 3T ARX Pro
Shifter: Campagnolo Record 11sp
Rear Mech: Campagnolo Record 11sp
Cassette: Campagnolo Record 11sp
Chain: Campagnolo Record 11sp
Tyres: Continental Sprinter Gatorskin Tubular
Wheelset: Record/ambrosio crono f20/dt super comp.

Im not big on Colnagos but that is a damn fine frame you have there.

keepin it very italian

when is the eta?

I see you finally got your frame, it looks really nice! I hope you bring it to one of the Wednesday night rides when it’s complete so that I can take it off your hands :smiley:

I’d really like one in the Zabel colour, with 11s Athena (keep the old-school silver thing going), but I’ve got to pay off my Super and CX-1 first…perhaps next year!

Thanks guys, ive still got a stupid grin on my face :smiley:

i tried to keep it italian, the controls were a concession though, deda stuff was just too expensive for what it was.

in reality i could have it on the road on monday, but im going to hold off until my headset arrives so i dont have to push in and out the awful POS FSA headset that is supplied with the frame.

Very nice. Where’d you pick it up?

peeped this on BMU. nice frame so freassshh

Are you saying that 3T is not Italian, or that you rate Deda above 3T as the primo italian control fabricator? I’d take 3T any day of the week.

Do you have a weight of the frame and fork? It’s an interesting idea for a build. I like it.

3T = designed in Italy made in Thailand Taiwan from memory.

holy crap thats sweet!

nice! that’s like my Master Olympic, but I was too poor to go Record; I’ve got Chorus 11s

got the frame through work. it only took 5 weeks(expected up to 12), so im happy with that.

frame weight is 1710g with all bits and bobs(barrel adjusters etc) but not that plastic cable guide. Fork is 740g uncut, so around 650g cut.

3T = made in taiwan.

i may go a record post, as ill have to cut the supplied colnago one (350mm of seatpost does not agree with a crimped seat tube) , and that doesnt appeal to me.

that’s a shame it’s gone that way…
I have a panto’d stem and GP bars from 3t that are made in Italy
but then that was the 90’s…

Get with the times people.
Made in Asia actually means quality these days.

I’m pretty sure 3TTT have been doing this since 1990. i have a mutant bar stem combo which is magic, i don’t care where it came from.

BTW, that bike is going to be amazing, enjoy.

3T kit is great, except the seatposts, in most of the ones i have seen the stripes are not transferred straight or in the centre of the post. minor detail, but its the little things that count.

Have you seen the matte black EPS they’re doing now? I was set on getting the CX-1, but after seeing the photos of the EPS, I’m seriously considering asking Rocky if I can change my order…

my boss is getting one.
im surprised you havent got your cx-1. youll probably get it on monday, the shipment has docked and been processed yo, we just ordered one in a 60c-c for a customer.

if you have a campy groupo then a campy post is a given…
I like my lugged steel roadies with panto’d quill stems

What wheel set you getting?

if the bike was actually old, then yes quill stem (i have a nice Ti cinelli), but as its not and well, quills suck, threadless it is. (im getting a record headset too!)
record hubs/comp spokes/ ambrosio crono f20 tubby rims.