My Trek XO 2 - Giant TCX 1 - Merida CX 5 Comparison.....

Due to unforeseen delays in my Ellsworth Roots build I’ve decided to buy an off the shelf CXer to hold me over for a couple of seasons until hydraulic discs find their way into CX bikes. Below is my specs comparison that others might find useful, from a price to spec perspective the Giant wins hands down. The saving grace of the Merida is its Ultegra drivetrain and heavily discounted run out price. With an RRP of the $2499 it would be on the losing end. A co-worker had just purchased one, it’s a well done bike, I wouldn’t hesitate at the discounted price. The Giant can be had for $1350, I am NO Giant fan, but a full Rival groupset is quite impressive at this price point. For the money saved on the bike, a nice set of racing tubulars could be purchased or some lighter bits like stem, seatpost, and handlebars. I don’t really have time to ride all of them, I took a spin on the Merida, it’s seems nice and flickable, same with the Giant. From a price comparison perspective I should have spec’d the Trek XO 1, but with it’s Apex drivetrain and other lower end bits it wouldn’t be in good company with the Giant and Merida. So what do you lot reckon? Based on the information below, what would you do? Also, I have thought about a Cross check and some other steel bikes, I wouldn’t mind one, but this isn’t the end all of CX, it’s just a bike to fill a gap for a couple years as we watch CX grow (or not) in VIC. It’ll also be a gravel grinder bike and a You Yangs bike when reopened.

I´d got the Giant. Where the hell can you get that for 1350 dollars?

I’d go giant. How can trek justify being twice the price?! Sure, Giants aren’t exactly a dream boat (but neither are treks) but it’s hard to beat any Giant for value. Unless you get unbranded frames from Taiwan.

I know SFA about Merida… they make good hybrids don’t they?

P.S. Best not to let mckenny see your excel table formatting.

Giant! Spend the savings on race wheels and tyres.

I’ve got a set of brand new Ksyrium Race wheels from my BMC road bike that I plan to put on the CXer, not much of a weight savings I reckon, but they should be better wheels. I also have some extra bits like a Flight SLR Ti rail saddle, EC 70 carbon bars and stem, so with the parts I have lying around I can help reduce its weight a bit more. At the end of the day I’m not too fussed about the weight.


I dont really like Giants, but that is such a sick deal and their CX bikes look great.

Rapido have one of those Merida’s in White ( size 54, I think) for a great price but they also have Trek Portlands for around $800 and they come with disc brakes (available in all sizes) that price is nuts when you look at the RRP which I think was around the 2K mark.

OH, I think the Merida’s price is about the $1300 mark.
I ride a 55.5 - 56 on the road but when I sat on the Merida it was a nice compact size with good stand over height.
If I didn’t already have a cross bike, I would seriously look at it for the price, features and style. It also has a nice flat section under the top tube for ease of shouldering the bike (but how much do you do of that?) I don’t know anything of the others.

I bought the Giant today @ Bicycles Inc in South Yarra… they really set me up well, and they had my size (any many other sizes) in stock. I couldn’t be happier with the bike already, it’s really really nice. Having a fleet of boutique bikes made me anti-big box brands, but I’ve watched my Ellsworth Roots frame sit for too long. In the US I had easy access to parts, here ordering everything gets old. So the Giant has ticked all the boxes, and worse case, I can always swap the parts to the Roots frame! :wink: The Rival groupset is very nice, my first SRAM setup.

I don’t think you can go too wrong with any of the big brand bike these days. I just comes down to the gear they are running and the package they put together. The difference is the service you get from where you purchase. Now go get it dirty and enjoy.

BTW from those pics the Giant looks like it has a higher bottom bracket height which from my understanding is what true CX bikes have, so I am guessing they are a cx specific frame not just a road adapted job. My Guerciotti has the higher bottom bracket.

I’ll post some pictures later today, but the fit and finish on the Giant is exceptional! The Connect SL bits are quite attractive, even the headset really looks nice. The only thing I’m going to change on it is to some TRP CX-9 Mini-V’s I’m sure there is nothing wrong with the Avid Shorty 6, but I’ve been dead set on Mini-V since I went down the cross road (no pun intended).

Pics to come…

Anyone want an Ellsworth frame!? :wink:

I highly recommend these. My only criticism is the stock pads- think I’m going to swap them for Kool Stop Salmons…

good work going with the giant.
People hate on them for being so common, but they’re well designed (think maestro suspension!), well built (compared to Chinese avanti’s and stuff) and well finished.
Totally jelly of Daniel’s TCR yesterday, my chinese alloy fuji looking all dumb by comparison.

swiss stop greens are pretty good also. no squealing

Ignore the seat height, I haven’t set it up yet… Bike looks great though, I’m quite happy with it.

Some BMC love…

yep… great looking/spec’d bike for the price.

nice job!


purchase decision endorsed.

i definitely like the meridas (they have come into their own with some decent frames lately after apparently building for many of the big names for a while) but bang-for-your-buck the giant is probably ahead.

by the time you flip the parts you dont want/need and add in the stuff you do you will have a great cross frame for about as much as it would cost you to get one sent from OS.

also the giant is what the current destroyer of the DDCX is riding.