NAGASAWA special full NJS yolo build.

wanted a nag since 5ever. got this off gumtree for a pretty good price considering. it had rizors and S75/7600 stuff. flogged that and switched it over to 7700 because i wanted to. ti kashimax, 7410 post, 7400 headset. just got new bars and stem thrown on yesterday so i can reach the drops (120mm pearl/b125aa). runs perfectly, quieter than anything else.

wow… Dura Ace seatpost… nice!

this is what its all about! holy shit.

Dear God.


Bars look sweet. Are they the duralumin kind?

What a build. This is utterly glorious

thanks people. tis very, very nice.

they are indeed, had the same before, but the B123s, so the bars weere below the top of the rim :S



somethin about Red Nag thats just perfect.

Now for the inevitable 2009 two month later update where you have put on risers with ourys!!


So, so good.