New ANZ logo

Check this out, ANZ spends $15million on updating their brand.,27753,26248717-462,00.html

Here is a logo I created for a client 5 years ago.

I need to up my rates

SIDE NOTE, I didn’t do the website

i would say you’ve almost got a trademark issue there, very similar…

strikingly similar.

Needless to say, the pilates one isn’t trademarked.

It’s the fucking same!

I smell law suit!! :evil:

More like hefty out of court settlement. ANZ has deep pockets :wink:

Its close but if its not trade marked. From my one year at grapho school I remember something about 10% is acceptable, but that is pretty close.

In order to cover up copying better things Postmodernism was invented. We just call it referencing.

Yeh its fine.

I think its funny, the “soft and cuddly” approach that banks are taking in their branding.

NAB did it a couple of years ago.

$15 million eh. they use MC Saatchi and they aint cheap, lot of research, 32 countries.

it all adds up i suppose

Buy a new lawyer.


imagine getting that quote.
“yeh yer lookin at a complete overhaul, gonna need to bring in some outsiders, some research, plane travel. As a rough estimate i’d say this puppy is gonna cost around $15.5 million, actually, you know what, lets just round it off to $15 million. Oh dont worry, i’ll get lunch.”


AFAIK the new ANZ logo is to represent a lotus, realigns with their new ventures into the Asian market.

I potentially need a logo created for a new company - JUST a logo, which I will use on various items - ie brochure, business cards etc, nothing else and the quotes I have are between 3 and 5K. Nice bit of coin if your talented.

Ooo. pick me! pick me!

yours is good. that anz one is fucking ugly and stupid. reminds me of a retarded teletubbie or something.
on the side: hands up if you’re on this forum and not a graphic designer?

I’ll whip you one up on MSPaint if you send me a deposit.

puts hand up

Welll… i’m not, but I do like designing posters and the like.

I’m proud to say I’m not… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Not a graphic designer but I sometimes get in trouble for graphic language.