New bike day. Lilac Polyvalent

Finally finished my new do anything bike.
VO Polyvalent,
Drive train, saddle, basket/bag and pedals off my old commuter (rival 1x, 7400 cranks, race face NW, VO pedals.)
Bars and post off my old gravel bike (Ragley Carnegies, Thompson)

Super stoked, the low trail was weird at first, but I love it, and the tyres are rad. Was worried they’d feel a bit dead after riding 23s for the last 10 years but it’s soooo much smoother.

Can’t wait to take it to Japan.

Also I reckon it weighs the same as my gilco Colnago master that I’ve been commuting on for the last 5 years.FB_IMG_1566280947774 FB_IMG_1566280951894


Banger. Love it…

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looks real good! love the colour.

:heart_eyes_cat: that colour.

reckon that’ll go just fine in Japan. Kate’s bike was also a flatbar low trail setup:

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Looks comfy, A+ all around.

Are those TRP Spyres? forewarning, the stock pads are pretty trash. Swissstop make a great replacement, even clarks would be better. And if you upgrade to a dyno front, you might find the brake arm hits the spokes. (TBH, rather than dithering, a basic deore hydro would be a perfect upgrade if you get sick of adjusting them down the road)

Reckon you’ll fit all your credit card luggage in that bag?


They are Spyres. I bedded them, and so far they are ok… Notes though, will pick up some Swiss boys.

Regarding tour, Lol, almost. I have a Carradin saddle bag I borrowed off a mate and I’ll have two of the Frameworks fork bags.
The other bike will have two fork bags and 139 and that’s it.

Packing light! 1 pair of undies, 1 skinny jeans for riding and thongs


In the above pic was everything we needed for camping/cooking/etc you’ll be fine! Hit up a laundromat and sit there in your smalls eating icecream while everything gets washed and dried.

One of the bags is exclusively for carabinas and wallet chains.

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Looks like a good time.

How did the rack issue resolve itself?

I tried every which way, decided I’d make a tang, checked how the rack would sit with a basket, it was too high on the bike.
Said fuck it, I’ll just get a different rack.

Long story short. Soma Rack for sale. New. Only Dry mounted. Doesn’t fit my bike.
70 bux

(Lol dry mounted)


Just remembered that I don’t know anything about disk brakes.

Are these the Swiss boys you were talking about?
SwissStop Shimano Deore M515-M525-Tektro Disc Pads | Chain Reaction

yeah they’re the ones blakey said i needed for my spyres when i asked him the same thing last night! haha

Standard Shimano b01s resin pads work fine in spyres, and don’t cost $35 from England. Setup right (don’t touch the barrel adjuster once they are bedded in, just the 3mm Piston advance) with those pads and 160mm rotors they work fine.

Miki is right and all, but have you considered getting G03ti pads and grinding them down on a bench sander for a slop free fit in the spyre?

stands to one side nodding & smiling politely

ooooooh italics

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That bike looks nice.

Nope, but a metal pad option for the spyres would be nice

As someone who has never ridden on disks until now. i’m just happy i can stop in the rain.

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soft as imo…