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Surly Steamroller (If you can find it at that price)
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whats the best frameset for about 500 bucks???


or surly steamroller, if you can find it.

i also don’t hate masi frames, despite them being ubiquitous.

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+1 Gear colossi

dude, this thread is specifically for inane questions! you can’t be deleting them!

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Hi Guys,

I am new to the fixed/single speed scene. I have been riding MTBs for years and looking at getting a nice road bike to ride on the flat into work.

I am tossing up between the Felt Curbside (2011) or the Masi Speciale Flat

Before i go an buy either id thought Id ask if the specs on either are decent for the price, and if there is anything else out there i could get better bang for buck!

Hopefully i dont get flamed for this thread, but yeh some help would be appreciated.


Felt Curbside (2011) RRP $999

Frame: Felt Single Speed Urban Design, 6061 Super-lite Aluminum Hydroformed & Butted Tubes, Hidden & removable Rear brake cable routing, CNC machined Track Dropouts w/ steel inserts, Custom Top Tube Pad/Dashboard/Protector.
Fork: Felt UHC Performance Carbon Fiber Design w/ 3KP Weave, Carbon Blades, Aluminum Crown & 1.125 Steerer, and Dropouts
Drivetrain: URBAN Single, 3-pc, Forged Aluminum crankset, 144mm B.C.D., 46T x 3/32, KMC Z610 White Single Speed chain, F/W: 18T x 1/2 pitch x 3/32 width Chrome Freewheel, Fixed Cog: 17T x 1/2 pitch x 3/32 width fixed sprocket w/ lock ring
Components: Tektro 31.8mm top mount 'cross type Front & Rear brake levers, Tektro Long Reach dual pivot brakes caliper for fender Clearance w/ removable cartridge brake pads, Stainless hardware, Teflon bushings, Felt Meat Stick 6061 Aluminum flat handlebar, Felt Forged 6061 Aluminum stem, Felt 6061 Aluminum seatpost, Felt Urban Classic Road saddle w/ riveted custom cover & FeC rails
Wheelset: Felt Aluminum 30mm deep V-section Aero rim w/ machined braking surface & wear indicator & custom Curbside graphic w/ White Stainless 2.0mm spokes
Accessories: Felt BEERNuts Axle Nut Tool
Finish: Pearl Black
Sizes: 700c x 51, 54, 56, 58, 61cm
Weight: 18.75lbs/8.52kg

nah man, noobs will always think that their question is slightly different from the last. this thread is for people to ask those inane questions so they don’t keep starting their new threads. if you don’t let them ask their specific questions - and then let people answer them - they will keep starting new threads. trust me here. let this being the dumping ground for every noob question.

and dude, don’t buy a curbside. style over substance.

what style that thing is fucking ugly!

I don’t mind it, that front wheel is pretty cool.
But yes, there are better option out there.

If you’re just wondering about looks, personally, I would have to agree with Sugarkane, the Curbside screams ‘I have a fixie!’. The Masi looks a lot nicer, if you dig that classic Italian look (I do).

Seeing as the two bikes you’re looking at are in the 1000+ price range, you could build yourself something relatively nice (and if you’re a bargain hunter, something better specced). Plus the knowledge you obtain from finding out how all the little bits fit together is valuable. The fuzzy feeling you get from riding something you made is quite brilliant too.

But if you want something pre-made, by all means, I support the Masi over the Felt. Just don’t expect it to be made in Italy/California like they used to.

dear dolly doctor/xBBx, i know this isn’t exactly the right place for this q, but it seems like a good spot for it anyway.

Why do so many new members, who’ve clearly only just got into the whole FGB thang, and possibly don’t even own a FGB yet, give themselves usernames like ‘FG4lyf’, ‘brakes_suck’ and ‘mr fixie’?

how’s the jam making industry going??? huh???

he’s just waiting for the “kick out the JAMS” campaign.

i see what you did there. i LOL’d :smiley:

i keep seeing the charge plug for $400-ish on wiggle +shipping, surely thats a decent buy?

what would you look at for 1500 or so? esp as parity is so good at the moment…

a cinelli mash with 2 aerospokes. Shit would be so cash.

or a fuji with 2 aerospokes? like hans’ old bike that is for sale right now for 1500?