New Cinelli Laser?

So, just having a quick read of this cinelli status update link, when suddenly…

…“Andrea Pesenti indeed has more than a strong link to the Cinelli brand… and continues to do so for next year’s reissue of the model.”

A new Cinelli Laser next year? Best news Ive heard in a while.

Cinelli True Story: Formula Bici: An Almost Cinelli Story

The rumors starting flying around a couple of months ago.
Thanks for the Cinelli blog link though, otherwise I would never have come across this:

1992 Cinelli Laser Hyperion prototype… wow

Holy shit the gussets leading to bottom bracket!

Wow, that is pretty. How did i fall so far behind? I guess it’ll cost a bit more than the current supercorsa pista?

I have read some rumours about that laser frame - i have a feeling that its possibly going to cost an arm and a leg though, on the other hand (imo) it is probably one of the best looking frames that exists - i rreaallly want one!

^ Yes, and I think I read somewhere they’ll only make like 200 of them. So fat chance picking one up basically.
In other words, prepare to see them in the window of a fixie-specific shop in Tokyo or something rather than Goldcross…

Au contraire my dear H.

There were (IIRC) only slightly more of the cinelli x RVCA X Barry Mcgees made and 3 made it into this country. In fact 2 made it to Melbourne. So while they may only be for display it’s possible you will see one in the ‘flesh’.

Atleast the legacy will be somewhat preserved rather than Laser becoming the new pursuit/risers staple.

Well I’ve never seen one in the flesh so bring it on rich Melbourne cycling collectors!

I saw one of the RVCA frames in Trackstar in NY. How i lusted after it. Then I saw the $7k one on ebay in Melbourne. Suprisingly enough it never sold.

But if purchased, would it be safe to assume that it was more for aesthetics than riding?

I would’ve ridden it.

Not very often, but still would’ve ridden it.

crazy frame…

remind me never to get you to design anything for me!

it was pretty mundane imo. i’d rather just get a supercorsa, better colour selection and infinitely less douche factor

Nothing is over priced if you can afford it, at least there’s not going to be one chained to every pole in your local.
I know a guy with a cinelli rvca in sydney their a nice bike i recon.

no nicer than any other supercorsa though. actually less nice, cos regular supercorsa’s have nice shiny paint

true, but you could buy a supercorsa and coax a good artist to hit it.
Pro Hart supercorsa any one.

my old house mate has 3 pro hart peice’s hes a family friend, there all knoked up on old polo’s then framed pretty awesome, pro hart’s style might be a bit think for a frame though

Actually how about a pro hart llewellyn, now id ride that.

very nice chrome colour :slight_smile: