New Forum rules poll.

Just askin.

not being able to reply in threads is a bit odd.
what if there’s a general question that may be of benefit to more than one person?

or if someone who isnt necessarily interested in buying a product asks a pertinent question which may be of relevance?

i think that the for sale rules shouldve been introduced by themselves first.
It seemed a lot of the spam in for sale threads was generally people trying to find out basic info from the get-go; and through not updating the initial post some threads were messy.

personally I never really knew what the issue was with the thread locking generally; and surely having mods have to update the initial post is more of a PITA than dealing with a small amount of spam

Having rules of posting in the first place is the way to go (as is now in effect) and just delete the entire thread if it becomes to messy.

If things like “pm’d” are an issue, just have forum rules about it. Do not post to say you have messaged the OP about this sale…

In it’s current state I have no idea what the mods want the forum to look like, and what they are trying to avoid. I guess if this was made clear in the FS forum rules then more constructive feedback could be made.

Sorry if this makes no sense. I’m just in from the pub :slight_smile:

I don’t know how to write forum code. But it would seem that a lot of the problems with For Sale could be resolved by forcing new posts to be filled out via a standard form, where all fields have to be filled out. And if there’s no pic from the get-go they should have to say why they’re not including one.
[x]terms of shipping or other conditions of sale (ie Melb / Syd / Bris only, pickup etc)
[x]photo, or reason for lack thereof[/ul]
and maybe a ‘this sale will expire in {n} months’ field as well, to help keep the place ticking over.

Sometimes I wonder if all this hullabaloo has more to do with the legal issues of the sale of second hand goods.[/captain paranoia]
Hey nice push-polling there Heatseeker :evil:

Interesting result. Great to know what the general feeling is out there.

OR … the use of a brain… :slight_smile:


I think the “farkin” style of form for a sale threads was and is a great idea, it clears up a lot of the initial “where, how much, etc” posting. I do however take issue with the locking of threads, and thence the prevention of discussion of good and bad aspect of the item for sale. and the whole READ THE FUCKING RULES bull shit was taking it a bit too far, as was the deletion of comments on the new rule system(sarcastic or otherwise). Aggressive and arrogant for no good reason.

I reckon its good. I saw a couple of For Sale threads get out of hand, It mainly happens when people over price their items, so people just go off topic with it.

On another note, perhaps location in the title may be a good idea too.


[WA] Bike Frame for sale

Putting a time limit on sales would help some vendors price their items more realistically. And the comments I thought were the best place for people to haggle a bit.

There seems to be a lot of feedback on what posters are doing wrong - but hardly any about what the reasons for having those rules in the first place. tinfoil hats on. Is it to do with running a classifieds?

Sorry, there’s no ironic image macro relevant Corz. Oh wait hang on

Tinfoil hats off. Nothing to do with classifieds.

Forum rules are under discussion, that’s all i can say for now.

Moderation of inappropriate content… maybe, cause inappropriate shit is funny :smiley:

But that’s it. Personally I think it’s gone too far in this instance. Not being able to ask questions or give someone grief because they priced something too high is going way to far. We’re not kids that have to be watched over in the sand pit to ensure we don’t go sticking dog shit in out mouths.

Edit: I too think that nothingtoprove is a bit of a… not that there’s anything wrong with that :wink:

Well you don’t have to be “Hercule fucking Poirot” to see there’s something going on behind the scenes, and that’s fine.

If Google said ‘you know, fuck it, gmail was a mistake, we’re closing all accounts’ there’d be a riot – but it was free in the first place. So, benevolent (and free) dictatorship, that’s fine. Door’s that way if there’s a problem. :wink:

Admin or mods rules are the rules.
Posters control the content that make up the community.
At the end of the day we all enjoy the spoils of their combined efforts and it is really as pretty small ask to pull your head in every now and then so things run well for all concerned.
It is always good to see the banter going on when things get heated, but this is on such a minute scale compared to other forums.
Do I want the job?
Fuck no. The hamster running on the wheel in my head is struggling as it is without trying to keep the peace between people I wouldn’t recognize in the street.

+100% for the mods effort, patience and commitment.

Put me down as I supporter.


The format for sale posts is a great idea but the locking of threads is dumb. This is a discussion forum, why get rid of the discussion?

I find that comment is in favor of locking the for sale threads…

We have the whole rest of the forum for discussion - why not leave the for sale area for sale stuff?

Because if somebody posts something interesting and worthy of discussion (which is pretty often) then that is the place to discuss it, you don’t want to have to go to the ‘fixed gear’ forum and start talking about it there.

I love the moderators :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: That bring even more lolz to the forum, in a world running dry of forum lolz…

why dont you just ban the cocksmokers who carry on for no reason continually in multiple FS threads and never buy anything…
maybe a warning and then a week ban, and then a permanent ban?

kinda like people at auctions who say ‘is it on the market yet?’ when they have no intention of buying… they should be hooded, bound, gagged and belted out the back…

or people who ask questions in lectures they already know the answer to… stfu!

and people who dont stand up to let the little old lady have a seat on the tram.

I hate these types of people.

no post is complete without lolcatz

A few rules to keep things halfway sensible aren’t so bad.

Another forum (not cycling related) that I am a member of restricts FS/classified posts to members who have a minimum of 50 legit forum posts (strictly monitored for spam), or pay $10 if you haven’t racked up the 50.