A new is coming very soon.

There are some changes, and one of those is the software that runs the forum/boards. During the changeover, some things may be lost. One of those could be PM’s, and your password - So, to avoid too much confusion, it would probably be best to now store any important PM’s somewhere, and make sure your forum email address is up to date, because you will be emailed a password-update email, and your account could be lost if your address isn’t current.

Cheers, nickj.

Is there some way of exporting pm’s? to a text file perhaps?

Open notepad/text/whatever writing program you use
Copy+paste each of the your PMs
save file

If thats too hard, copy the whole screen and paste into a program that accepts html (eg word etc)

There are some changes (…)

Facebook integration and one-click [ebay forum] shopping? :wink:

Man… Did you have to wreck the surprise? :slight_smile:

No wait I’ve got it … you’re going to let us include flash in our posts? :evil:

I’m ok with change as long as it doesn’t include a heap of colour and other flashing objects on the screen.
This forum blends very nicely with what I have on my screen at work, unlike alot of others.
Could you maybe make the background an excel spreadsheet?!

Mmm… I can’t promise there won’t be some serious colour changes, but I can promise nothing will flash.

Maybe I can add a special link on every page to

For the love of god please don’t let a.4 have flash.

What forum software are you switching too?

vbulletin. please don’t say it sucks, because it’s paid for already :slight_smile:

Could I ask that the colour stay mostly white? Or (I think Ive seen this on some Vbulletin forums) that there is some colour theme options…

Mainly for those who like to peruse whilst at work.

Looks good Nick, I hope the change over is smooth.

Someone leak a screenshot.

Buy me a coffee?

All I ask is that you maintain the simple, easy to read interface. It works really well.

I also like the fact that the forum pages are extremely low on bandwidth- I’ve been reading with a mobile dongle out in the Colombian country side with no issues! (BTW I’m back in a couple of weeks).

vBulletin is a good forum but isn’t it for the more populated forums? I’ve always got that impression. Do you plan on taking over the world or something?

exciting. the current layout is quite good to use on a mobile phone, it would be good if the new one was as well.

Looking forward to the new site. My only input would be keep the images out of the quote function (as it is now.) I hate how on londonfgss when someone gets quoted the images get repeated, meaning that some threads take a day to fully display.