New Kenevans frame

Just passing the word around, maybe everybody has seen these in the flesh already, but I haven’t…

My bro was in a cafe in Geelong the other day and there was a Ken hanging up… brand new, recently built. Max. Centaur. $3200. That makes it very, very good value, IMO. Anyone seen it and have pics of it? Anyone seen any of his other new builds? Apparently it was very nice looking. Threadless headset.

Evans ain’t Evans anymores.

why not?

Didn’t he sell up ages ago to Mcpherson? I know his son and he said that all the stuff form the old shop had been sold on.

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As far as i know, and judging by an email I received, Ken is back in the game.

He was at Melburn Roobaix sporting a couple of pretty sweet Ken Evans frames.

Sheet! good to hear. I was under the impression he got out ages ago. Gotta love the steel revival.

there was a semi-nice one at the pushies galore thing last weekend. cant remember the price but i think it was outa my budget

I think i know the one you are talking about, bloody nice but those guys were asking market value not swap meet prices.

Nah it was very good value considering the parts on it. Frame was mint.

Had I known I’d have turned into a wailing schoolgirl, clutching at him and begging to have his babies.

Yep he’s definitely back in the game, quoted 1600 for a max roadie frame and fork, on the ‘one day’ list for sure.

Thats a bargain.

That is very reasonable.

It’s extremely reasonable…

Unreasonalby reaonsable?

I’m Ron Burgandy?

P.S…Get one.

The his n’ hers matching Ken’s at the Roobaix were gorgeous.

Anyone have any pictures of the bikes at the Roubaix?