New Ride - Focale 44

Just got this built not too long ago. Pretty sure some may have remembered me from a last post =P

Just want some feedback (positive or negative)

Have not finished. But need some advice on what saddle, and bars. The theme i am going for is Black & Yellow. I will sand down my rear B43’s yellow. I will be using my Nitto 100 Stem with a clamp size of 25.4


uh huh, you know what it isss.

black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow

anyway, go to lbs, buy a cheap 1.1/8 stem and risers, get them to cut the risers down to 600mm, put on yellow bmx grips. It’ll end up pretty cheap.

oh fuck that shit its threaded? just get some nitto rizors from saint cloud, then stick some yellow oury’s on there, and grab a yellow saddle, they’ll have one kickin around.

Just leave the wheel orange. Mix and match colours look way better than a bike that looks like you tried a bit too hard colour coding it all.

Your previous stem and horns looked good, same with the coloured bar tape.

Looks like you got a pivotal BMX seatpost, so youll need a pivotal seat, ebay has many cheapish options.

The frame looks way better than the old one.

Looking good man, although in my opinion the braking surface looks a bit harsh against the yellow on the front wheel. I’d go with a black turbo saddle and steel risers.

Look forward to riding it, it’s gonna feel way better than your last build

I’m assuming a brake is going on the front anyway (though I think the fork isn’t drilled at the rear side for an inset brake nut, you can always widen it with a drill/dremel or LBS shop.

A machined braking surface is tonnes better than trying to brake on a non machined surface in the wet.

^good point. If you’re throwing on a brake disregard my advice on the front wheel :slight_smile:

he could get one of these
Profile Design Stem Converter For 1 Inch Quill To 1 1/8 Inch Threadless | Tredz Online Bike Shop

Keep the rear orange, it’ll look better than yellow.

Hrmm, i’ll see how i go with it. I’ll definently post it up. But i did buy a saddle. just plain black. Pivotel seat post? Is there a way to fit a standard saddle on that? Thanks for the feedback.

I sold most my parts though. i know it would of looked good but too late now cz sold it all. I am only using rear wheel, stem and pedals from last build.

You need a pivotal style saddle + quill stem + bars + front brake + lever and your done.

Didn’t wanna spend heaps of money soooo…

I got…

Black Flat bar from deus for $10 (second hand)
Yellow Grips
Saddle - black San Macro leather
& just using my Nitto Stem from previously.

Will post pics when it is done.

Saddle isn’t going to work with the seatpost.

Yeah i figured, is there another way around it. I bought it new from Hell on Wheels (Seat Post) … I realized when i got home. The guy from the Deus Shop said you may need to stretch the saddle a lil. I don’t know. Maybe should sell my seat post.

Ring up hell on wheels and ask about the seatpost. You can get a cheapie pivotal saddle or swap it for a rail mount seatpost.

Woollys wheels on oxford street have kalloy 25.4 seatposts for 39.95.

This is the most difficult build I’ve ever seen on here.


standard seatpost, 25$ at commuter in brunny… just sayin’

dude lives in sydney ay? commuter cycles and stcloud are no use to him.

think he lives in fairfield

The saddle fits perfectly on the seat post guys. didn’t have to adjust anything. may have to fix the saddle but just wanted to show you.

the handlebars im cutting off because its wayy tooo long. got yellow grips.

Not too sure about the orange wheel anymore, what u think? I wanna get a yellow aerospoke in time as well.