New Ridley Helium 5.3kg

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WTF i find this hard to believe and for $9999

Add peddles and cages… More like 5.5-5.7kgs by the time you ride it outa the shop… :wink:

  • air in the tyres. Possibly a gram or two there.

Helium indeed

Only muppets spend that much on a bike.

Beats the hell outa spending that much on 10 shit bikes…


Pressurised Helium = no buoyancy.

Really? But weighs less than pressurised nitrogen right? So slight win?

This makes zero sense. But nice try.

Really… ? You’ve always come off as a bit thick though… :wink:

Why not drop $10k on a bike,
Shit beats pissing it up the wall I’m all for it.
As long as you have it and don’t send your family broke,
Shit it’s only money.

I’m all for it. Dentists need bikes too you know…

Dentists buy 20k bikes… Not 10k bikes…
Mc claren venge’s, r5 California’s…

In the groups I ride, train and race with 10k Would be the average value of the bikes been ridden.

Ugh. you’re such a douche.

And i dont say that lightly.

Why is that captain negatron?

guys - work on the engine;)

I went riding on Friday on my steel Moser with Matt Goss and a bunch of corporate types on 10 - 20K rigs, I feel sorry for them. All that money and fuck all go.

Those Guys keep the lbs in business… They are lame but a nessary evil…
I ride with a bunch of 30-50 yo dudes who all race… The older guys have nice bikes and are all really quick.
There are few young guys who ride cheaper bikes or are sponsored…

It really doesn’t matter how much a bike costs as long as it gets ridden…
What’s weak is going around judging people. It’s not your money so mind your own business :slight_smile:

It’s one thing for a Fred riding a Pinarello Prince with a pie plate and reflectors, while it’s another for veteran rider who has ‘paid their dues’ to be riding a nice fucking bike that they earned.

Oh the irony.