New tshirt, hoodie & longsleeve. Artwork by Greedy Hen

Limited edition print with artwork from the Sydney-based art collective Greedy Hen.

Back print on heavyweight zip hoodie with ‘limited edition artwork’ on sleeve (same as longsleeve).

Side print on American Apparel tshirt with ‘limited edition artwork’ on inner neck.

The discount code is still working!

First person to PM who the artist names are behind Greedy Hen, and what sizing we have available for the Greedy Hen tshirts (mens, medium, etc), gets a free tee in their size delivered (Australia only).

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I know it’s a bit of an artwork killer, but are there any plans for full zip hoodies?

Do you mean, print across the front & zips? If so… No…

More, artwork on the back, or on the panels either side of the zip. (Not this artwork run, but future designs)

Ah ok, you mean full front & back printing. Well, it’s a possibility, but I guess it depends on the artist. I commission Australian artists to do the work, and only give limited direction (‘make it fixed gear/cycling related!’) and let them go. Costs also skyrocket for full printing - The better business goes though, the more I’ll print, along with larger runs which will help reduce costs.

this would look slick as shit of a shovel as heather grey, black just aint my thang…

I like the melbourne uniform colour but grey/charcoal would also be sweet. But i suppose if he buys x amount in black he’ll get a better discount than if he gets half x in black and half x in grey.

Doesn’t have to be front and back, just thinking about options for full zip arrangements.

Either way, it’s great to see all the new products coming through and local designers being supported.

I can print in other colours, and will consider a heather/grey print on the next run if people are interested - I understand black isn’t everyones gig, but it’s hard to please all tastes, and sometimes it’s easier just to stick to one thing than attempt too many iterations. I subscribe to the ‘too many choices dilute’ maxim (if there is one).

fixed that for you! don’t want ppl thinking nick’s some kid of shady character!!

don’t think that print would work on grey…

FWIW the 2 tee’s i got from the last design are still going strong. i’d be keen for a new hoody but not until the new build’s done!!


totally agree that trying to please everyone never works, so ignore my pandoras box post.

Any word on the shirt give away?

I snagged it sorry greenmachine.

Bastard, haha if we had the old trading access rule it would’ve been mine i tell you. Can i wear it on weekends.

Of course and every second Tuesday.

Such a sweet, sharing community. heart


Damn, I went on to their facebook page and everything to find out their names! Stalking skills.

Also nickj, how do those messenger bags you stock go? Specifically the sindrome? I’m looking for a decent bag to wear on the bike…

Thread delivers!

Edit: Threads delivered!

Maybe i will also buy some sweet threads, i need a new shirt.

Graphics remind me of The Middle East ‘Blood’ filmclip.