Newbie MTB questions

Couldn’t to find a MTB help thread so I decided to make my own.

I am currently thinking about purchasing a Mountain bike, I’m not completely new to the sport. I did briefly own a Kona Stinky (probably over kill) in my early teens. I got it very very second hand and only used it for small trails.

So now im asking myself questions which I don’t know the answers such as.

$1000 dually vs $1000 hardtail vs $??? full rigid.

Mostly what I’ll be doing is cross country riding so I can rule out downhill and jumpers.

A dually sounds good to me but is spending 1000 dollars on an entry level one plain stupid?
Are the parts not as good to match up to the low price tag?

On that note is a hard tail more of a appropriate buy and than in the future spend 2g+ on a FS.

With rigid MTB, I like the idea of smashing hills without dropping 100mm every stroke. But am I limiting my trails by buying one and what are small drops (1-2ft) like on it?

Bikes I’ved looked at include.
Giant Anthem - Seen for around 500-1200 on ebay/gumtree
Giant trance - Bit more expensive than the anthem but doable if convinced.
Kona tanuki - Not much known about it

Having a hard time researching Rigid’s and I’m not sure about hard tails either.

To make your job easier, I will say get a hard tail and ditch the idea of the rigid. Just see if you can get something with lockout on the front fork.

So why a hardtail? When people are in the learning process of riding MTB, I tell them to really concentrate on finding the smoothest line through the singletrack. When people learn on a dually, they will forget this and just smash over the terrain simply because they have that extra travel. So learn to ride with the hardtail - learn things like cornering, using the momentum of the bike through corners, how to climb over technical sections, drop offs, balance, riding through rock gardens, front wheel placement in tough terrain, off camber riding, braking, tyre behaviour, proper gear shifting etc. Once you have mastered these on a hard tail you may not even see the need to step up to a dually because you are already riding like a screaming banshee.

If you do ever want to step up to a dually. The major bike brands these days are doing more and more demo days, so you can take that beautiful bike you have been lusting over in the shops and online and smash it out on the trails. This is good for getting a bit of a feel for what sort of bike is right for you. I am in the same process of deciding if I should step up to a 29er in favour of my 26" steed. If a Demo day isn’t coming around soon, ring a few shops and see if they have any demo bikes. TREK dealers are usually good for this.

So, what bike to start looking at now? Go for your main brands of Giant, Specialized, Scott etc and check out forums like rotorburn (ROTORBURN Forums) as they usually have a good range of bikes for sale from people suffering from upgraditis.

What exy said, giant and specialized are hard to beat bang for buck also 99 and gold cross have crazy deals on mtbs regulary

Yep what ezy said

Hmmm never heard of demo days, will check that out, sounds like it could be a good idea.

Never heard of rotoburn but it seems pretty damn active so that’s a help.

Yeah I’m really liking the look of Giant.
But you suggest I get a deal from 99? Rather than second hand on ebay/gumtree

Also whats the deal with Merida, all I know is that I see so many of them around.

+2 what Ezy said.

I’d get a few “saved searches” running on eBay. Every few months you’ll see a Jamis Dragon Pro, Charge Duster or On one Inbred come up for around the $1k mark - sometimes less, You’ll get mostly XT 9 speed equipped bikes in reasonable knick which are 4-5years old. They’d have cost $3k+ new.

I’d look for steel. 26" if you’re under 5"10, 29" if over. Bear in mind 2nd hand forks for 29ers are still quite pricey.

This is my hot picks for Saved Searches:
Jamis Dragon Pro
Spot Brand Rocker
Cotic Soul (ohhh yeah!)
Charge Duster
Charge Cooker
On one Inbred
Voodoo …
Rock Lobster Tig Team

I wouldn’t necessarily shy away from getting a SS either. If you had to buy new this is the only bike I’d consider buying for under a grand:

or maybe this, cos its super rad (not to mention totally daft):

Transition Klunker - $899.00 : Hell On Wheels

Speaking of Jamis… Jamis Exile Comp 29er | eBay has no picture though - bit dodge

on one On-One Inbred 29er Men’s Hardtail Mountain bike 1x9 - Fox Thompson SLX XT Oury | eBay

Have checked out that charge before, Looks really fun, the faucet has sus on it though?
Oh and im 5’11-6’ :\

If I got the cooker from wigggle and got bored/didnt like rigid can I put a pair of susp forks on it?

and the klunker just looks too out there for me i think

forget the Jamis

The On One is okay. Fox f29s & SLX/XT drivechain.But… Mechanical discs - fail. Brooks saddle - fail. Mary bars and positive rise stem - fail fail. Paint scheme - Blurgh. Still you could buy it and find alternative parts and you’d still be in your budget.

The Cooker SS will be able to take an 80-100mm Suss fork. I’d check to see if you can fit a mech hanger to the dropout before I considered that one. Really nice frame for the money tho’

Was joking about the Klunker. You know they only have a rear coaster brake right?! Still rad.

Probably mistaken but if this is about adding a derailleur/gears I ain’t to fussed being SS, save some money/maintenance/weight/I can change it to a fixedmtb, sweet right? (

No I thought you were being actually serious and was finding it hard to respectfully decline the kulnker offer.

+1 for the hardtail option. On RB now there is a KTM and a Niner SIR, both a large and little more than a K, shoot them an offer, you never know never know your luck.

I just watched that fixie mtb video… ergh. Not my cup of tea.

Yeah my sarcasm isn’t strong enough, I wasn’t being serious. Hilarious video though

Oh yeah niners are great. Definitely add that to your list.

Trail fixed is a pretty acquired taste - Tall Tom was riding Yarra trails fixed for a while which is a good effort considering how exposed it is in parts. Wouldn’t call that vid hilarious, rider has pretty good bike handling. Trail fixed is to MTB, what FSFG is to Bmx, tricky, slow and looks shit.

I can 2nd single speed and hardtail being a fine choice for a beginner (its what I have done) and I think I am improving more technically than when borrowing a friends AM bike where I just rode it like a tractor.

$1000 can buy alot of hardtail 26" bike 2nd hand these days cos every one is all about 29ers…

you need to meet scooter. top 10 SS at a recent 6hr at the you yangs, riding fixed.

he can keep up with the front end of the commuter WNR (and you know how that goes). i went seriously cross-eyed trying to follow him on hans’, and then he laughed as he passed me.

stick with one of the major brands, hardtail and a few years old. they depreciate like crazy so you can get something pretty good for your price range.

give it a good service, bleed the brakes and get the forks rebuilt if you are really keen

I’d believe that. I always feel sick how slow I am when I ride with elite ss dudes. That shit be cray cray.

Does not compute.

as others said, a decent hardtail is far better than a shitty full suspension.

hardtail, preferably steel, but alu is ok too as long as it’s not too old
rock shox fork (cheaper, easier to service)
get good tyres (go tubeless! big nobbles up front, smaller nobbles out the back)
sram x7 or shimano deore/slx level drivetrain
shimano deore/slx/xt or avid elixir hydro brakes (steer clear of magura, hayes)

should easily find something under $1000 on ebay second hand.

^This is all good advice.

Re Rockshox - look for Rebas, newish SIDs, Pikes or Recons Golds. Do not get forks with Cromo Stanchions (Toras, Recons Silver, XC 30).

Maxxis tyres > Schwable - cheaper and more durable (but heavier). Maxxis Ardent or Ignitor up front, Crossmark rear.