I’ve started a thread about my new bike / WW project :slight_smile:

Initial weight without bartape and bottle cages is around 6.5kg.

Still to change / upgrade:
Top cap
Ti Bolts
Waterbottle cages
Speed plays (Ti model)
3T Stem (once bike fit is completed)

Updated the first post with the new parts list and initial photo



picture no worky for me :frowning:

^ Right click, open in new tab/window worked for me…

subcribed, looking forward to this

Weird. I used the FOA image uploader thing. Have changed to tinypic

Where are you getting dura-ace derailleurs for that price!?

^ It’s duraace, not Dura-Ace. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where’s you order the frame through? And what colour scheme? They custom paint yeah?

can i ask why your willing to spend over 2 grand on high end components and bits to make this a rad light race machine, yet you wern’t willing to spend a bit more on a frame?

i dunno it seems to me you could of spent a bit less money (total) on a rad frame fork swapped it out with your trek then done the upgrades over time?

$2kish is pretty good for a DA,3T LTD, Hologram equipped bike.
The parts list is pretty good but the only thing i would do is re consider the saddle, Have you ridden one?
If so then go for it but what if you hate it
You could also save some money by going token y cut skewers and by going a extralight stem.

This in turn would pay for a 3t ltd post, Not sure how much id trust one but may be fine.

Where are the pictures, I want pictures

Almost $3k. With super ambitious prices on the DA stuff and no prices on the wheels and other bits. Will be over $4k for sure. Maybe over $5k.

But I can’t begrudge the guy, I spend plenty of money on bikes that are nowhere near as functional. YMMV, YOLO, etc

I thought the same … the stem/bars cost about the same as the frame/fork.

It really matters none to me or does my opinion count for anything … just curious.

Cables could save you a bunch…
Ilinks… For instance 90g +/- 10g for a medium bike with external cable stops
My pick though is the b-link AiCAN system… Even lighter and around the same price…

In saying that though I have a set of ilinks you can have for a pineapple inc shipping
For the project… You might need new cables if the ones I have are cut too short though.

And to answer your question about the recon cassettes…
Alloy cassette are not very durable and while in the 10 speed world recon stuff is ok but if your an 11speed kinda guy I’d steer well clear of their stuff… No point if building a bad assed bike and then fitting a chain and cassette that shift like shit.
The cassette/chain/ring combo is the last place to save weight in IMO. A poor shiftin bike won’t get ridden as much as an awesome one.
My money would be on DA chain and cassette and some praxis rings which I can organize for you for around $100 plus a few $for shipping. ( I’m not making a cent on that either for the record )
As far as the speedplays go I hope your getting some chromo speedplays and a set of ward axles.
Cheapest option out there and if you really wana pair of sub 155g Speedplays then your gona need a set of ti plates from dulight
At around $250 for the final pedal price is a hard one to beat.
Mine come in at 142g :wink:

He owns the wheels, cranks brakes and bought the Da parts of bna.
I’m all for killer frames and I love mine, but every one has a budget

If you spend $2-4k on a frame in 24 months it would be worth $800
If he gets a china frame hell lose about $350
I must admit if you could find a second hand tarmac sl3 for under a $1000 it would be bloody nice

I know some one with a 58 sl2 that could be had for around $1200-1000
It’s an awesome bike!

2nd hand off BNA and Daniel that posts here.

I haven’t ordered it yet, when / If I do it’ll be through Velobuild. I’m hoping that a (cheap) 2nd hand Ridley Noah or Cannondale Super Six comes up on Ebay. I’m checking every day, if nothing comes up in the next wee while then I’ll just go for the FM066SL