Newcastle Overnight, 2015 edition

2015 edition to be my official birthday ride.
28th of NOV.



Maybe I’ll see if I can beat my record of Hornsby station… Maybe…

Don’t even pretend Harry. We all know how this is gonna pan out.


That’s all.

We all ride together and I make it and we have a merry old time? Sounds lovely! I didn’t make it cos you weren’t there at the start to talk shit, so it’s actually your fault.

Probs won’t be at the start again. Planning on leaving from home, going through Berowra Gorge and meeting Carlin, then hooking up with the rest of you jerks at Mt White.
If the NFE is rolling I might bring beers. Will probably also bring reggae.

Do we know if we need to adhere to Audax rules e.g. fenders, beards, reflective vests and SPD Sandals?

You know it Dan. If you wear all of the above I’ll buy you a burger at Newcastle.

I’m keen, but that is no guarantee of an actual appearance.

In again. It might have to finally be on a fixie this year.

I haven’t ruled this idea out yet.

If you ride fixed you have to lug a fully loaded oversized messenger bag. It’s the rules.

Alright people, this is fast approaching.

Here’s my plan: Rolling out from the Hills a bit before 9, heading through Berowra Ferry to connect with the main route at Berowra train station. Meeting Carlin at Berowra, then will meet up with anyone else at the first stop at Mt White.

I might have an Audaxbro in tow from the Hills, and anyone else (Lorday etc?) is welcome to join us along the way. I won’t have my bro-in-law along this year, so there’ll be less stopping/waiting.

So waddya reckon? Who’s starting from the city that wants to meet up at Mt White? As noted, I’ll most likely be pumping out some sweet reggae and hip-hop, will be conducive to a decent pace and will hopefully get us there to watch the sun rise.

Man I really want to do this but my family’s getting into town from WA on Saturday

Family schmamily, this is gonna be fun.

It’s Lorday’s birthday ride!
I’m undecided on start point, or what I’ll be riding; but I will be there. For those who are game, birthday celebrations at cockatoo island sometime on the Sunday.


I’m touch and go on this now… :frowning: