nice little beasley roadie - 50cm

Classic Beasley 12 Speed Road Bike Mens/Womens 50cm | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Port Phillip - Port Melbourne

might be a tad pricey, but the frame looks great.

thats fair. good group and looks very clean.

there ya go, gypsy endorsed.

if it were a bargain, he’d have bought it. too much, he’d have said nothing!


Soo nice paging gene, Were you not looking at thta 50cm tripple tri.
This is killer and one of my favourite groups.

I’ve already msg’d a friend up here, might be a tad out of her price range with shipping.

This is wicked!!

i’ve emailed it to him, but he worked some ridiculous shift today, so guessing he’s sleepin.

may actually be a case of snoozing = losing…

but i may have sent them an email/text to keep him in the game :wink:

as have I :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a buyer up here, who is ready to hit it :slight_smile:

i’d expect nothing less!! haha

edit - here’s hopin they don’t wanna post…

would ride. nice candidate for a modern group.

I’m ringing her now!!! ,!, bahhhhhhhh!

gene just swore at me.


nice… too small for me

tried ringing all morning with no answer. left a few messages :slight_smile:

Think I just found some splash tape I can’t endorse.


if laura keeps it she wants to change the bars anyway…


This is one of the best splash colourways going… paging moccos for his endorsement of ‘celeste camo’ :wink:

Has any snapped this?
Don’t want to steal it from under anyone

I’ve made a time to see it with every intention of buying it.

then gene & I will have a gentlemanly discussion about who gets it for their significant other!!