Nice to Barcelona - December

The better half and I are planning to ride from Nice to Barcelona in December.

Anyone done any cycle touring in Europe? Hoping to do it on the cheap, but not camping - mostly hostels + B&Bs.

I’m on a surly crosscheck she’s on a cannondale tourer. Considering getting a LHT fork for some front racks for me - worth it?

yep, with some lowriders I reckon it’ll handle better esp. up climbs, keeps the front wheel down.

All bikes differ slightly in how they cope with a front load but I found my CX bike worked best as a tourer with low riders, half frame bag and big saddle bag, no rear panniers or handlebar bag.

I think whilst convenient the handle bar bag had the biggest influence on affecting the handling in a negative way. I started just stuffing a musette in my frame bag and then chucking my wallet, camera etc in it when I stopped.

You might not have the luxury of just 2 panniers but a front load (experiment with the light bulky stuff up front or the heavy small stuff) will help even things out.

also, tour sounds awesome.

#doatour ScottyKent


My current setup is a minnehaha medium saddle bag and a couple of [Axiom 24L Panniers](

This is usually plenty for a weekend away, but might not be for a 2 week trip.

Any suggestions of a lowrider?

The other question - currently I have a road double up front. option - leave it as a double and change the chainrings or switch to a triple?

Tubus Tara or Tubus Duo -just get the best to start with.

I’d go for a triple or a sub-compact double, but it would depend on your strength, fitness and route, if you have lower gears handy I’d put them on.