Nippon Jitensha Bouken!

Picked up my new ride from Gira Gira (Track Supermarket) in Osaka Yesterday

Lugged my own wheels from Australia, Riding in Tokyo is fucking awesome, some seriously Whack/Cool rides getting around.

Custom Panasonic Track Frame (with my name in Kanji on the top tube)
Sugino 75 cranks
Sugino Super Mighty Vintage re-release chain ring (just released in Japan! Should be available to us soon??)
MKS Nuveau Pedals, MKS clips, Toshi Straps
Nitto jaguar stem
Natural Cycle Risers, Champ Grips
crystal fellow seatpost with custom green padded Kashimax Aero
Zipp 3000 and zipp 950, dura ace cog

Also my girlfriend got a Cycloc Mini velo, to be painted a suitably girly colour when we get back home

frame is beautiful!

so your living in Tokyo?

woah the neon colour and wheels … so unique

looks the goods

feeling this. i’m partial to candy apple green bikes.

Unfortunately only for two weeks… Just having a holiday

Going to try and find Sexon Super Peace, Carnival, Dreamworks and Blue Lug today
Plus going to the Studio Ghibli Museum

And yeah the panasonic frames are so nice, their attention to detail is stunning
Rene (of track supermarkt) was telling me that Panasonic started out making bikes and have been doing so for years and years

Erle? Is that you?

Drooling over this rig! crisp!!!

i’m channeling him

yep, the green is hot. one day i think i’ll own a panasonic and it will probably be this green, unless i’m still hung up on pink.
also love the mini-velo. i actually saw a Bianchi one locked up on chapel st a few weeks back

Nice score Keith! You will have to give me some tips for when I head over… I will have the snowboard so I don’t think I will be coming back with any new bikes though. Japan looks awesome.

Really diggin your Girl’s bike.
What brand/make is it?
googling cycloc just throws up links to bike storage stuff.

Really diggin your Girl’s bike.
What brand/make is it?
googling cycloc just throws up links to bike storage stuff.

you could try pm’ing user ‘whatthekoon’, he has a fluro orange one in melbourne…

oh man i miss japan, such a rad place.
i found carnival and blue lug while over there at the end of last year. not sure which i can recommend which one to visite if you have limited time. i suppose it depends what your looking for, blug lug seemed to have generally more stuff and a bit of clothing too but i found it harder to find. you should note that its only open after 2pm, or was when i was over there.
if you go to carnival don’t be mistaken its actually on the second floor above another bike shop, take the stairs and entry is through the rear. plenty of hipsters around shibuya that you could ask for directions anyway! enjoy!

Best thing to do is to email Rene at tracksupermarket, he is super busy at the moment but will get back to you eventually.
Cycroc seems to be a small company in Osaka

yeah if I wasn’t fucking tall I’d get one for myself too!

Visited Sexon Super Peace, Dreamworks, W-Base and Carnival today, holy shit is all I can say. doing a write up with photos on my blog right now.
Blue lug tomorrow!

Did a bit of a write up of my visit to some of the stores around Shibuya, Harajuku on my Blog

Will be updating it more over the next few days!

Dreamworks and Sexon rule.

If you find one, they’ll point you in the direction of the other…

EDIT: Just saw your blog.

I’m going there in a few weeks. Can’t wait.

saw your frame sitting in the shop for a few weeks. Ren said you were pretty pumped about the saddle. Nice choice. Bike looks rad.

Zipp combo is rad too!

Just read the blog, man i love Japan. How good are the Okonomiyaki! I loved them so much and a good price, really though most of the food is a good price.

I reckon one of the dudes that runs / works at W-base owns this. I’ve seen a similar set up (wheel wise) in Pedal Speed magazine, but with a front Corima and rear Deep V. Same seat post and snowflake lacing though…

Cheers man, it seems worth lugging the fucking wheels all the way from Aust, I love my zipps, found some new stores today around Shinjuku, could have bought: Corima 4 spoke, sugino 75 disc, campy ghibli disc, sugino tension disc, spin trispoke in both 700c AND BMX size!!!
Pity I have hit my budget…

JLN: I think you are right man, there seems to have been some upgrades but even the bar tape looks the same,

Went to Blue Lug, found two new bike stores (signs in kanji so I’m not sure what they were called) one was a serious bike porn den, good prices too, and went to Punch! Cycles will do the write up on my blog tonight/tomorrow, then we are moving on to Kyoto