Nitto B123aaa Drop Bars

I just purchased some drop bars (nitto 123). I have used drop bars before but cheap ones. To me it seemed a bit weird to ride with? is there a proper technique to get comfortable with it? like my hands seem so close together which makes it feel awkward? I dont know maybe it is just me, but any tips

flip them upside down and ride them old man style

Haha seriously? Wouldnt that look stupid? I don’t wanna be riding around people might think I’m a freak. Unless it’s common…

Dude you want to be on top of the next big fixy style right? get in before everyone else

There is a guy here in adelaide who palps the upturned drops on his avanti pista, style pioneer.

Would you cut it to size or leave it?

Are you riding on a velodrome?

If not, I think that might be your problem.

I have Nitto drops (B123) on two of my bikes. Both bikes are ridden on the street. Both sets of bars are completely impractical for riding on the street.

They look tuff though.

So tuff I posted twice.

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after all, literally a gazillion cyclists the world over have failed to overcome the terrible problems associated with riding drops since the 1880s*. Remember how as a child you had to learn how to balance, and crawl, then walk…? Then as a child cyclist you had to learn how to balance, then pedal, maybe steer a little…

  • irony-meter tickling the red zone

What width did you get? I ride occasionly with 39cm and they are JUST wide enough to be practical. If you are riding on the street, I assume you are spending a lot of time on the tops.
They aren’t designed for that. They are designed to be ridden in the drops for relatively short periods of time. Get some road bars, or some riserz.
And stop worrying about people thinking you are a freak.

makes sense. Now i do not know whether to regret buying it or try it out? I have a focale 44 frame with a nitto 100 stem. Either way i will try it and test it out. if i dont like it i’d be back to post it here to sell :slight_smile:

This is your answer.

cool. great answer. thanks bud

the drop bars i bought is currently 39cm in width. so im hoping to be safe with that.

You get used to them. I ride with my hands next to the stem or on the shoulders of the drops. Having them untaped also adds to the difficulty.

FWIW I ride 38cm and 40cm.

Thanks. I should be fine! appreciate it

Common? no … Cool? You bet … just like Fausto Coppi (the original hipster) back in the day !!

that bike looks fucking rad

Man there tough as nails, end of story