Nominate Graham Rootes as People's choice cyclist of the year 2010

I would nominate Nikcee, but noone knows his real name.

So is getting behind Graham Rootes. Copy and paste the above link to nominate him, then once finalists are announced, we can vote for him if he makes the cut.

Seconded. Seeing as I don’t know his full name, voting will be difficult.

permission to publish, nik? as soon as he gives the nod, this is on.

there is a bloke here in his late 30s, maybe 40s who comes out to the ‘teams’ level races (ie above A grade) and won the whole series last year.

he probably weighs 95kgs, smashes t bone steaks and stouts non stop, possibly even smokes ciggies. i have never seen him training or know anyone who has seen this seemingly rare phonomenon.

graham rootes is the people’s choice cyclist of the year as far as i am concerned.

He’s certainly my vote for Aussiest name of the year…

I nominate Jason English!

Jason English - World 24 hour Solo Mountain Bike Champion - 3 x Australian 24 hour solo MTB Champion - Jason English

and he is probably the most old school aussie bloke you will ever come across

my first thought - before being sidetracked by nik cee - was for someone like graham. a fair dinkum everyman.

do we have a consensus?

id love to smoke a ciggy with graham

Has a MTB rider ever won this award?

cadel used to be, right?

Yeah, but did he win when he was a MTBer? reason being, it seems that the road and track cyclists dominate this award. There have been world champions crowned in the MTB realm (UCI and non UCI sanctioned…) that deserve the recognition that this award gives.

Caroline Buchanan has won the 4X World Championship two years in a row, 2010 Female BMX Supercross Rider Of The Year, and 2nd in the 2010 BMX World Cup season.

Check out this years results for Jason English as well.
Results 2010 - Jason English

Anyway, just bringing some other choices to the plate.

Credit to Slim Dusty for inspiration??

I’m happy to put my vote behind a deserving winner. Even if they’re not in the usual road/track circles.

multiple world champions like CB will be nominated without a doubt, they dont need our help

cadel will win the whole thing anyway so a local punter just getting nominated is a big deal in itself

she was nominated last year.

but yeah, i tend to agree with alex. cadel will win, so best to nominate some mug punter. it’s cycling australia’s award, and even though they’re now affiliated with BMX australia and MTBA, they’re a parochial bunch.

take it from one who has been there…

a true australian.

smashed a beef schnitta (chicken is for girls), 3 stouts, 2 ciggies, found some dirty old socks to wear, got on the bike he got for free, and won the whole summer series against AIS riders, at least one multiple olympic gold medalist and various current professionals.

that’s a real man right there.

Is it confirmed we are voting for Graham Rootes?
I’m ready to spam the shit out of this!!!

I would definitely back Graham Rootes. All apologies to Nikcee, but your gut just doesn’t compare…

All in favour?

Whoa. That dude is a wombat sent from the future. He would have to buy two tickets to the awards dinner in order to have enough food to fuel those Mal Meninga piston legs.