Nominate Graham Rootes as People's choice cyclist of the year 2010


Rooting for Rootes

pic of mad dog rootes racing last night, different leader’s jersey this time



i dont know that guy, but he is now my australian cyclist of the year. Give me a link and I’ll spam that sh(t like theres no tomorrow.

i think he is racing tonight, ill see if i can get an interview with him

vote one, graham rootes!

i just voted, but alex, perhaps you should start a new thread?

My vote is in.


i wont compete with a guy who looks like he could eat me up and then carve my bones into a pipe and smoke some cheap tobacco with it.

thanks for the vote of confidence but ol’ mate rootes deserves our backing…

Umm, just to keep CA from rooting Graham’s chances, maybe pull the hotlink to the nomination site. (i.e. cut and paste it into the browser so they don’t see a lot of referrals)…

Vote 1 GR!

mad dog must have been at the local TAB tonight because he wasnt out racing with the vets. thus, no interview.

Just voted, this guy sounds amazing, can’t wait for the interview.

Yep, Buchanan doesn’t deserve an award from “the people”, she’s had so much financial success and recognition already! (jokes)

An award like this means nothing to high profile riders who don’t sacrafice a single darn thing to represent their country. (jokes)

We love this guy (i love him too, from what i’ve read) as an aussie because he represents what aussies used to be. Now we all drink imported beer, bitch about substandard ristretto and cheer on footy players who shave their nads.

And fuck dogs (for the Canberra Raiders fans)

heheheh! it only ever gets better, following those guys. I never really thought it would get THAT good, though.

Oh man, I went to school with Joel. Happy to see what is about to come his way… he wasn’t the nicest of blokes around. His older brother Michael is a good bloke though.

The pic is disgusting.

i WTFd when i heard about this, i was shocked but not so shocked to be honest

I like that he rocks trad black shoes in a sea of ‘pro’ white.

voted. and wtf is wrong with league players?