Non-bike related events in Adelaide.

This thread is for non-bike related events happening in Adelaide.

Post your flyers and info for your band’s show, gallery opening, art exhibition, dance performance, club night, bat mitzvah, food truck location etc. You get the idea.

If you’re coming from interstate and want to promote any of the above (or more), feel free to post it in this thread.

Tomorrow night…

Its been a long time between drinks but we’re well stoked to have old Two Ships residents Velodrone, Handsome James and Napalm Def taking charge of your entertainment Friday night. If you like to dance to something a little more intelligent and like your math with a little rock this is for you. Expect some hip-hop, indie and r’n’b thrown in for good measure and its FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT.

I am planning on going to see a movie next tuesday - apparently there are quite a few to choose from.

Thrashboard are playing a free show at the Crown and Anchor tonight.
Should be pretty good.

Mates band, user Burgs’ band Full Contact Safari are playing a gig tomorrow night at Enigma, will be a good gig.

The Jade Monkey is having a grand re-opening at its new premises 160 Flinders St, (behind the old St Paul’s / Heaven II, east of Pulteney St) on December 6th. I saw the space last night and it looks great.

Details here.

My new band Animal Traps are playing our first show in February next year.

This is happening this Saturday night. Come see me try and be all rockstar-esque or something.

Got some shows coming up.

Too many good gigs coming up over the next month or so. Draining my bank account

Playing a free show at the Exeter tonight.

Good poster

Thanks. Our drummer drew it, synth player screen printed it. So lucky to have those two in the band.

Play well!

BTW when’s the Canberra date?

Hopefully next year… we’re demo recording tomorrow and after that, we’ll see how we go.

Nice floorboards.

They’re okay… for rehearsal rooms.

The band I am in (Animal Traps) are playing again on the 28th at Ancient World with Sparkspitter and Kiri (from Brisbane).

Facebook event