Noob #377

Hey ladies and fellas,
I’m completely new to this, never built a bike in my life, Was presented with this gift from my cousin. What’s the first thing I should buy for my knock off of a track frame?

A Potato.

That’s actually my dogs name haha

so… what frame is it? and what parts do you have already?

I uploaded a photo up I guess that didn’t post up properly, I believe it’s a knock off merckx frame.
I took it to a local bike shop to get the measurements, the frame is a 52 across? and 50 down, small frame for a small guy I guess.

I don’t have any parts at all, just frame and fork.

Try posting a photo again. And that may be way too small for you depending on your height ect.

Based on all the details they gave about his/her height and all…

Hey there,
I couldn’t minimise the file, so here’s a link to it on my fb`

my height is 175/6


Might be a bit small for you! Even if you built it up you would ride it for a day or 2 and realise that you would have to sell it. Building something from scratch isnt easy or cheap but is awesome if you actually do it!
You would probs be better off buying a stock bike for not much and then build something up gradually on the side. But not with that frame Im guessing.

righto ! Thanks Lean, so what size frame is right a person with my height? 54?

Besides the fact that the frame is too small for me, what is the first thing I should be looking at to purchase? A crankset or? any advice on where to look or good sites for me to check out other than ebay? I’m still studying, so student budget!! looking to spend around 6-800 in total for everything…

This for size (Basic) Road Bike Size Calculator

Have a read of this or many of the other fixie build threads.

Also use the search function to find some answers too.

awesome thanks

I’m a similar height n I ride a 56cm sq

If you look through the “post your ride” section on these forums most of the builds have a list of the components chosen for other users to admire/viciously criticise. It’s also a good way to get ideas for how you’d like to build your bike up.

Have you much experience Building or fixing bikes. If I was you I would buy a piece of shit complete bike off ebay/gumtree and slowly fix it up swap out parts and upgrade. That way you will learn how to do it all and not risk spending big bucks on something that you will not need/fit/work ect.

Way too small and a potential money pit. Sell the frame and buy a Cell fixie. $199