Noob Stress?

This is a rant:

So I’ve been commuting a few times a week to work for 3 weeks now.
I have to say, the amount of stress I’ve got doing it is really making me reconsider.

Sure, I am new to fixed. And I admit I’ve done a few stupid things on the road (like having awkward moments at crossings with other cyclists trying to judge which way the other will turn. Left I know…)

In particular, I was on the sidewalk today because there was way too much traffic for me to cross over to the other side safely. This dude was walking infront of me. After saying “excuse me” a few times, and no response. I squeezed past him on the grass. He got surprised and swore in his own language. Then, shouted that I should be ‘cycling on the other side’. I took no notice. He called an ‘idiot’ and told me to look at him. I kept going at a sidewalk-ish pace. He then decided to run after me cursing!! I could hear his footsteps. Eventually I turned around and asked “What?”. He told me to face him like a man. I kept riding. He chased after me for 2 blocks…

Fuck man I’m just trying to get home. Does this shit get easier?

Buy a bell.

Were you at the time:
a) Under 12?
b) Supervising children on bikes who were under 12; or
c) possessed of a disability that would prevent you from riding on the road?
(these are the conditions under which a person can legally ride a bicycle on a footpath)

If none of the above, you shouldn’t have been on the footpath. If you need the footpath and you are in doubt about what to do, get off and walk.

Sounds to me like you need to

a) learn the rules as they apply to you. Vicroads and Bicycle Victoria websites are a good place to start);

b) work on some skills; and

c) relax.

In his language do they use sidewalk instead of footpath?

Is this only for Melbourne or for Sydney. Because I know further down that sidewalk, there are bike logos printed on the pavement?

When does one know where that zone ends/starts? Thanks Captain!

Get some balls and ride on the road.

I would mate, the point is I couldn’t cross over cuz of traffic.

vicroads = vic

these “lanes”, such as they are, start and end pretty much where the markings start and end

get a nice clean small bell. It will make u feel like a king.

Ride on the road

Ride in the middle of your lane

Make yourself visible

Don’t get agro at drivers who get agro at you (let it go)

Don’t ride on the footpath where you will eventually hit a ped (and try to avoid hitting peds when they shouldn’t be on the road as well - ask me how I know)

yr in sydney right?
if you do have to ride on the footpath, work around the peds. they belong there, you don’t.
and in sydney, cos we dont have bike paths/lanes for the most part, you just have to find the right streets to ride on. particularly in the inner city, you can almost always avoid the high traffic areas if you want to.
the ride to and from work is the least stressful part of my day, i look forward to getting on my bike in the afternoon. just find the best routes around the place and you’ll be fine.

If you ride in the middle of a car lane on a bicycle you’re an inconsiderate twat. Sure you’re legally entitled to it, but being a prick is legal too yet we know you shouldn’t be one.

By your same logic cars who are going slower than a bike (in the CBD for example) and holding them up should pull over to the left and allow them to pass? Get your hand off it.

In heavy peak hour, if you can keep up with the traffic you should be in the middle of the lane so you don’t get side swiped by idiots passing without enough room to do so safely.

In heavy traffic (which is usually slow moving), get out in the middle of the lane and crank it up to keep pace with the cars. I have to use that damn Chandler Highway bridge every day and if you don’t get out in the middle and hold the lane with a bit of speed, you’d just get squashed like a bug !

Stay off the sidewalk eh.

Well now you’ve severely narrowed down your original statement. I don’t have a problem with that situation because you’re not a rolling roadblock of self righteous entitlement.
Cars don’t need to pull over to the left because you don’t need a whole lane and you’re allowed to overtake on the left!

there are times when it is definitely safest to ride in the middle. most trouble with motorists isn’t because they are assholes, its because they are unsure about if they can fit etc… so where necessary, you have to make it crystal clear for them: room for 1 only!

Keep in mind that even with shared paths pedestrians have right of way. I use a shared path quite a bit and pedestrians are infuriating. No matter how stupid they might be it’s my responsibility to avoid hitting them. Often they have no idea where to step or which way to move … it’s my job to think ahead and weigh up what’s best to do.

Occasionally there’s a real idiot and I let 'em know exactly what they’re doing wrong. Sometimes with humour and sometimes by a few choice words. I use and endorse fitting a bell.

At one stage i had one(a bell) for both hands different tones got those muthas jumpin(when you have to share ,and they dont).
Also i think we use the word footpath in oz not sidewalk…either way fixed and footpath equals bad times as i am sure you have worked out… confidence will come and skills/speed will def get better as i am with heavymetal i look forward to my daily commute debriefs me and am totaly chilled by the time i walk through the door.

Thanks all for you advice. Especially good to know peds get priority even in shared. Will get some bells, brakes and skills ASAP.