NOOB wanting to learn how to build a fixie.

im new to all of this, and wondering what parts to get and how to put it together.

oh god, bring on the welcome party

Welcome fire2368.
Your best bet is to use the ‘search’ function at the top right of the page. This will not only answer your questions, it will help you avoid getting banned. :slight_smile:

You will need a flux capacitor, drop in at your local Repco store…

i’ve got my pitchfork, y’all got your flaming torches and rope?

god, probably not the best way to start off.

read EVERYTHING in the help section before you post anything else would be my first suggestion

and everything on here too

thats a good way to start

sorry all for spamming. :frowning:

dont be dude, seems like the most logical thing to ask on a dedicated forum… They take a while to warm up to you (apparently…)

that sheldon brown link is a good start,

If only you were female, then maybe you’d get some helpful responses.,11863.0.html

(ie. this forum is a joke)

… ignoring the fact that 3 out of those 4 pages consist of bullshit attempts at dry humour. but hey that is no surprise around here…

fixed that for you.

How do you know they aren’t?

assumption, duh. based on the demographics is it probably a safe guess.

maybe shouldve said “if you state that you are female”…

owell, as least he got up to 25 today.First day out too what an effort! might be selling something??

anyways thanks for all the help with the links. ill post my fixie when i end up making one succesfully.
ps im not female…

SOAP: Oh, you assume, do ya? What do they say about assumption being the brother of all fuck-ups?

TOM: It’s the mother of fuck-ups, stupid!

SOAP: Well, excuse me, brother, mother or any other sucker, doesn’t make any difference, they are still fucking guns, and they still fire fucking bullets!

You’re here why?

For the bikes, genius. But sadly there is plenty of wank attached to them… that is sometimes too hard to ignore.

(I will continue to lurk for the important/relevant stuff, and occasionally lash out at the non-bike related rubbish, ok champ? Sounds pretty fair eh)


the internet is sometimes not that serious.

Well, you haven’t added anything important or relevant yet, so now might be a good time to start. :slight_smile:

WTF, dude… yes, it is!

it… it has to be!?