NOOSA L'EROICA 17-18 December 2011

Now that the global financial crunch has put paid to any visit to the Chianti region of Italy to do the famous L’Eroica (L’Eroica 2009 // BROOKS ENGLAND - YouTube), in the foreseeable future, a cycling buddy & I have decided on the next best thing; to bring the L’Eroica here, well to Noosa, anyway.
A possible route has been mapped; 116km, including several sectors of ‘strade bianche’…
Beginning in Noosaville the we pass through several country towns with bakeries, coffee shops & even country pubs for those so inclined. Basically low traffic roads & no traffic lights.
The idea is just a fun randonneur, not a race.
No date set as yet, but we’ll do it in the next few weeks. The purpose of this post is to see whether anyone else is interested & go from there!
The same basic premise at the Italian version:
Steel framed cycles, preferably vintage;
no carbon :wink:

what’s “carbon”?

sounds like a nice ride, but me no steel :frowning:

You serious ‘no carbon’…mannnnnnn… I don’t have anything that isn’t carbon…

i’m building a steel tarck now, vintage italian to boot, but not sure when it’ll be finished, in the spirit of launching such an event with a bang, open it up a little? carbonereders should have to do some extra kms or a bullshit hill climb, as “punishment”, i’d be keen for a bash about though for sure

Scott scott scott,

What don’t you understand about steel only.
It’s a homage ride to the yester year.
No crabon no alloy gosh.

well if every other rossin loving dick got off ebay and let me buy up the shit i want i’d be finished it and it wouldn’t matter.

Just borrow one and dooo iiiit>
Thom and dave can go with you the ride the steel.

oh i get it… this steel you talk of
Real Steel Official Trailer - YouTube

ok how’s this sound-
I can’t make the weekend, but if anyone I trust would like to ride my 1970’s Alan alloy - but it is big- like a 61
however if you can manage a 90cm from top of saddle to pedal then you’ll fit it.
I don’t give two shits about the steel thing- this is a genuine 70’s bike and eqiupment
Oh the gearing as I’m a bastard will most likely be 53/42 with a 5 speed 13-17 :slight_smile:
it is essentially campag througout- but may give you a set of wheels that aren’t the tubs???
And if you win anything i get the glory???
Any takers

ok worst case i’ll bang out the steel tarck with a sweet “modern” wheelset… that’ll get all you vintage only freaks hoppin

sorry pinball i can’t ride giraffes

Hmmm I reckon my legs are long enough for the Alan. Quite fancy doing this but would probably just use my own bike.

Only steel i’ve got is the Charge… the 42x23 polo-gearing is probably less than ideal

A mate & I will be doing the whole proposed route on Saturday.
I’ll be using my single speed (not sure of ratio).
I’m sure that it will be do-able on most bikes.
I took a sighter on one section last week & had to walk it up one unsealed pinch after losing traction
(& running out of puff).
I reckon plenty of geared bikes will be doing likewise :wink:

You’d fit it easily- and i may even put on a 13-21
Read this for how it should be done…–Stories | Tour Offroad

Great stuff!!

keeeeen. i’d be on the road bike, so my track colossi would be up for grabs should anyone need to borrow a steelie.

ooh i might claim that… been wanting to take it for a spin regardless!

can i wheelie it?

120km including 30km unsealed.

Spewing im injured and away this weekend thats a pretty nice route.
Who’s doing it.