nothing to be with bikes...

but i thought i’d bring some knowledge.

Now I know not to be an accomplice to a cake thrower in sweden. Cheers!

more graphs pls.

absolutely brendan

“It’s like twitter. Except we charge people to use it.”

some of these are ones i’m recycling. think the prince one is my fave.

to clarify: mine are mine, not pinched.

yes. to clarify, original graphs only. everything else is old lolz.

i would die for mckenny’s Prince graph.

Soundgarden one is the business

Mckenny looks:

who the hell did that?. flickr link wasn’t working for some reason, then i come back, and voila!

haha gold Jamie!

'twas me. You used the short link, not the static image URL.

let’s not forget who re-started this gold! yeh that chart took me hours!

With apologies to mckenny…

you can tell you work in a ‘creative’ field. that graph is worthless without numbers.
plus real public servants dont make the kind of money that mckenny needs to fund his bike habit. it’s all about his ‘crabcore’ boyband.