nothing to be with bikes...

you can tell you work in a ‘creative’ field. that graph is worthless without numbers.
plus real public servants dont make the kind of money that mckenny needs to fund his bike habit. it’s all about his ‘crabcore’ boyband.

More charts to come Mckenny. Oh yes.


Why Brendan doesn’t race alleycats anymore:

you forgot c) too busy staring at pictures of heavy metal james.

haha, That band is playing at the Corner real soon, get tix quick!
EDIT: That filmclip seems to be an updated version, and nowhere near as funny as the original…

thanks to blakey and comic sans. for non-pixelated glory, you may need to open this one in a new window/tab.

balls. I just got raped on the interwebz.

mckenny wins again

this vid is nowhere near as good as the ‘desert’ one. the dark background makes it near impossible to discern the crabstance, although the glowstick rave at the end does make up for it slightly

^ is that the kind of music you listen to daily?

can that euro-rave bit at the end not be a joke?

Mckenny singing in his band Hawthorne Heights:

there’s one riff in that stick song that is pretty sweet. i’ll go see them, could be ok for a giggle. we can aslo watch HMC ‘tune’ myspace girls too.

I am such a babe.

to answer your questions chronologically: yes. no.

oh man, it’s bad enough that his “flirting” is all over my facebook feed…

the gig’s sept 11, folks. we can go dressed as suicide martyrs/dead jewish businessmen/firefighters/the twin towers.
sadly we won’t be able to see HMC do his thang as he has to go to the U18s show the next afternoon.

fuck you guys.
Brendan, the only person I’m flirting with is you, Mckenny, and maybe Blakey.

Matt Lees still takes that cake <unfriend>

Maybe? Maybe!?

i beg to differ.

i don’t see that as flirting. Plus you have never met michael.