Nuske Bikes


Nuske Single Speed Cr

Just wondering if anyone know of this brand or if the bikes are good or not?

they have Quando hubs so id steer well clear and for $400 its cheap you get what you pay for i guess.

Just make sure your cog and lockring are done up tight, the hubs shouldnt be too much trouble. Can you do better for $400? Second hand maybe.

Can get Fuji Classic track bikes for $100-$200 more. Infinitely better.

Yeah those Fuji Classic Tracks are a good bang for you buck.

Look about for a second hand one. I picked one up real cheap a few months ago to use as a second bike for winter.
$200 well spent!

They look a lot like those Reid bikes…enough said.

Thanks guys
Just asking for a friend who’s new to riding fixed/cycling btw.