Off-road speedplays

I’d like to hear how they go with think peanut butter style mud (see: yarra trails gooey goodness) but i’m sure they will start appearing in the PRO (mtb or Cx) circles soon enough.

it looks like there is lots of places for mud/snow/grass to get stuck in.

Road speedplays sound way too high maintenance for my liking. Wade has a good post on cycling tips about them. I think you’re right nick, don’t know how these’d go with merri creek or yarra mud. Then there’s also the ethics of the company. I’ve seen numerous threads with reference to the company taking or threatening legal action against the ‘little guy’, so to speak, over the most seemingly trivial things. Still, I’m sure the rider who has everything will go for em. Anyone use speedplays on their roadie?

yeah the platform, double sided and the ability to adust the float to suit me wins over maintenance (of which i’ve never had to do) on the new sets i brought.

I got two highly used sets off the bay pumped them full of grease and have had no problems in two years.

I like em.

wont go back to “Look”

Edit: the $20 flat platforms that go over the top are very handy as well.

Not cheap either at $200.00 USD +

i’ve bougth some road ones recently, anxious to see how they go!

I really don’t understand everyone’s shit they carry on about speedplay’s being so laboriously maintenance intensive… how hard is it to undo a tiny little screw and pump a couple of squirts of grease into a hole every now and then? If it takes you longer than a minute on each pedal then you probably lack the mental atpitude to leave the house unaccompanied in order to ride your bike anyways

I’d agree that the road pedals have some features that make them appealing over the standard (single sided/less adjustable/etc) competitors, but for off-road i think those gaps are narrowed.

plus grease ports are another entry vector for mud/water off-road…

either way, it another option for the dirty-minded.

i’d be trying the look quartz before i tried these (unless someone gave me a pair to demo), but for now i wont be moving from atacs.

Me too.

^agreed. As much as I love them for road use - much of their fundamental design really isn’t suitable for offroad use

I put looks on my new bike just because I had them on another and instantly regretted it. I’m looking for new pedals but am yet to be convinced speedplays are the answer, too many people can them. The name also reminds me of a fin system I once had on a surfboard which sucked arse.
Snail did you get those eBay ones recently? I was bidding on em to give em a go if they went for next to nothing.

Road right? Ok with putting soy sauce on your pasta dish? What about SPD-SL?

To answer your question Hamish “the Voice”.

No, i got two sets of Zero pedals for 20 odd a piece about 18months ago they were well used but i whacked grease in em and they are fine,

the cleats wear fast for freds, and they cost more thats why they get a bad rap.

i’ve never had a problem, they are the fastest pedal to clip into and the base seems like a larger surface to me, i’ve changed all my bikes to speedplay except the CX,

i have the little flat clips $20 for riding to the shop with = worth it.

They sort of seem like an spd pedal with a twisty cleat that has a rotating bearing inside.


i have soy on my pasta. i rock crank bros for on everything else.

SPD-SLs, soy on pasta x3 here

although thinking of switching to speedplays for age-related biomechanical reasons

SPD-SL on everything. you know, except for flats.

i broke two sets of speedplays cleats in three months. possibly due to my massive power. steer clear.

I wanted to like ATACS, but didn’t and went back to my well used, re-built, beloved Candy’s. Those Speedplays look they “suck arse”.

ooh…in that case I had better not buy them :stuck_out_tongue:

good friend, you better not look too long at a set of speedplay cleats. your gaze alone would break them.

As you may be aware, I’m no longer rockin pasta but frites (or is that duvel?). I love the soy for cross, doubled sided rules for clipping in. Is there a Belgian pedal? I may have to consult Peyo.