oh god


awesome upgrades

repainted it in aussie colours
i have put on bianchi decals since i have taken these photos but the bike looks even better in my opinion.
the wheels have quando hubs


“shut up you bogan!”

oh i hate aussie pride sometimes all of the time

I just threw up on a co-worker.

Bogan’s Day Out whip?

oh man, what is the world coming too?

WOW! Thanks for the heads up!! This thing seems like a steal!!! I have been looking for a new nationalist wet weather bike.

at least mask the headset cups when you spray paint it.


fixed it for you

if only the 700+300=1000 would work, i am sorry it doesn’t work that way… good luck anyway, and there is nothing wrong with aussie pride… need more of it… (maybe not in a bike though)…

yeh, more pride, especially in cronulla.

no thanks.

Are you serious? Clearly, you have never been to the Big Day Out in Melbourne.

Good on this guy for painting his bike those colours.

Fucking nothing annoys me more then fruits whinging about other peoples pride.

Australia love it or leave it.

There’s the top then theirs over the top!
It has gone above and beyond!

Can I please borrow some of your clothes? I’m doing this bike race thing this Saturday and have nothing to wear.

Your a peice of shit cunt. i say LEAVE cocksucker.


^^fuck this guy^^

it’s a fucken slippery slope.


hahahah look who it is.

I love how much attention you give me on here.

E crush much?

Oh now I’m a racist right?

shitttttttt cutting deep