Old rusty red "Gordonson"

Hey peeps… So this is the second frame I’ve owned. It, as well as everything that’s on it, is currently not being used as i bought a new bike. So I’m wondering what I should do with it from here. I’m still a newbie when it comes to knowing bike brands and that sort of stuff, so I’d love if any of you had any information about it. All I know is that it’s got Gordonson written on it, and I’m guessing it used to be a road bike.

More pictures here

I’d love if you guys could take a look and tell me what sort of condition the frame is in? I’m thinking i would like to eventually build it into a road bike as i already have a fixie, however there is a lot of rust on the frame so if the condition of the frame is too poor I won’t bother.
Also If someone could tell me if the crank on there is good/bad/okay, that would be fantastic!

Cheers :slight_smile:

realistically, strip it down, throw the frame out, and keep the rest as spares… unless you want to sell me the cranks, but they look a bit thrashed as well!

Gordonson’s were built here in WA - local company. They are dime a dozen over here. I found a Gordy frame on the side of the road, built it up and then sold it.

As a complete, not a bad first ride, especially for someone who is new to riding, although the bars need to be rolled down before you take a core sample of yourself.

I dont mean to be critical, just realistic!!

Full moon ride wednesday night as well if you are keen! Meet at Forrest place, Tues night @ 6:30pm - the big marble ball thing…

link to event here: Facebook – log in or sign up

I think your frame may be bent ? if it is bent it might be time for a frame upgrade, or do what HLC said.

I missed that!! Frame is cactus. Bin it.

Thanks for the comments HLC and aerobloke - muchly appreciated.

Yeah I didn’t notice that bend in the frame! looks like I’ll be getting rid of it. It’s a shame really, I wouldn’t have minded trying to build a road bike out of it, even though it would have taken ages because I’m poor haha.

It’s okay though, I haven’t been using this frame at all, I recently got a Mongoose Maurice. I know, worst name ever but it’s a great bike for my first! (well technically my third, but the first two frames i rode about twice each, including this Gordonson!)

Yeah I’ve seen the event for the full moon ride HLC. I’d love to come, but to be honest the distance is a little daunting! I’m buggered after riding the 12km round trip I’ve started to do regularly around my area, so I couldn’t imagine smashing out 40km yet! Though once my little legs build up some muscle and my fitness gets better, I’ll definitely be up for joining in on some group rides around perth. I don’t really have any mates in Perth that ride so I’m pretty keen to come out on some group rides in the near future :slight_smile:

mate 40kms isnt far and we probably wont end up doing that much anyway lol its a pretty good pace and we stop lots!!!

and mate, i use to get tired riding that much as well, but like anything the more you do it the fitter you get!

Haha well next time i’ll come for sure. I just saw that it’s on tomorrow night as well which is the deal breaker. too much uni work at the moment to be going out on week nights :frowning:

Hey mate! Nice to see another Gordonson on the road… awkward, it’s bent. Sucks because it’s a cool frame with capability. I have two Gordonsons and there is very little info on the web about them. If you search in Gordonson Cycles into Google you can find limited info from other forums/this one. Enjoy!