old steel: braze on compatibility with new group

hey all

just deciding on parts for a road build, and considering campy offerings, but not sure if i’ll have issues with front derailleur fitment.

checking with the spec sheet from campy (page 22,23), my frame (braze on height of ~140mm) would only accommodate up to a 51 tooth chainring. as such, i guess i’d probably be better going with the compact crankset (50t). i’d prefer the taller set, but prob doesn’t matter too much.

anyone have any experience or thoughts on this?

Running compact is fine, prob better for you anyway. Spin for the win.

and also my knees haven’t been too happy with me lately. compact it is.

Fwiw 50t x 11 = almost 120" gear, or just over 57km/h at 100rpm. Don’t know too many that can grind that out on the flats and run out of gear. You’ll be fine, 50t x 12 is plenty for us mere mortals who are happy to coast down some of the bigger hills.

Also, you can file the slot on the front derailleur hanger a touch if needed. Unlikely, you will but it’s an option.