One of those weeks (Snapped seat post)

Sometimes you have to think is life just f**king with you?

On Monday night after work I got in my car to go to my sisters house because she has just been engaged and I wanted to see her to congratulate her. I turn the key engine cranks but the car dosnt start up, I sit there for 15mins under the bonnet trying to work out whats wrong and find out there is no spark. So I wait another half an hour for my dad to come pick me up.

Tuesday I call up lube mobile and get them to come out to my work to fix my car thats still stuck in the car park, after 20 mins the mechanic has my distributor cap off and the coil out and is telling me they are screwed and its going to cost me $570 to fix it, so I go ahead and get it fixed. (Monday night I had just invoiced some clients for some work and been paid $600 so most of that is wasted on the stupid car) Car runs fine now, but I figure Wednesday ill cycle I’m done with cars for this week.

Wednesday, I was a little late getting up so I figure I’ll catch the train with my bike and ride home, this is fine as I live in Marrickville and work in Bankstown so I’m going the opposite way then most commuters on their way to the CBD. Anyway get to work, work the whole day flat out as usual and its time to have a nice lovely relaxing ride home… Or so I thought. Riding along everything is fine and I hit a bump as my ass is on the saddle and snap the seat post snaps right at the clamp, my seat goes flying off, lucky I’m not hurt in any way. But where am I, I’m in Strathfield no where near any bike shops, train stations or anything of any use except a petrol station which is no help.

So I figure ill swap from fixed to a free wheel and just stand and coast when I can on the ride home, I use my crappy bike tool to remove my rear wheel and flip it to the free wheel. 1st nut comes off ok, 2nd nut not so much the crapy tool makes mince meat of my wheel nut and I cant get it off. So I face the fact I’m screwed and start calling people to pick me up, no one car except my room mate who dosnt have a car, but he could drive my car, problem with that I’ve got the only key on me.

Anyway end of the story I end up walking 1 hour to the nearest station, while chain smoking because I’m very pissed off at this stage.

Moral/s of the story dont buy cheap tools and bike parts (actually wasn’t cheap parts in my case, they were just old and worn), keep a spare set of car keys at home and cars will indefinitely cost you much more than a bike to fix.

Feels nice to vent.

yeah i came home early and had sex today.

Sell your car, buy more bikes, distribute usage evenly amongst bicycles.

= No damages, no car repair and cheaper maintenance.


Less invromental damage too and you wont be such a fat barstard cause you’ll be much fitter… :wink:

lol, snapping a seatpost. wtf? brand, pics?

Haha, yeah snapping a seatpost does make me sound like a fat bastard, I’m a big guy 6’3" around 90kg.

Seatpost was an un-branded early 80’s cast aluminium post from a repco bike, Hard to explain how it snapped but It wasnt a weight issue I dont think. I’ll post some pics this avo when I get home.

Anyone know what seatpost diameter an early 80’s repco road frame uses?

Does the seatpost have the size stamped in?
I’ve got 2 repcos and 2 different sizes 27.0 and 26.8

Err, shouldn’t it say on there? Oh wait, that’s still stuck in your frame…
Man, kharma sux. What did you do wrong?


1988 Traveller (blue and white fade - no tubeset sticker) 25.4mm


1984 Superlite (metallic tan, brown headtube - 4130 sticker) 26.6mm
1988 Superlite (blue and white - 535 giant cromo frame) - 26.6mm
1991 Superlite (Pearl white 7 speed - 4130 main tubes sticker) 26.4mm

1983 Nishiki Olympic 12 (metallic tan, brown headtube - Nishiki Double Butted Chrome Molly Tange) 26.6 SR Laprade

1988 Olympic 12 (blue and white - 535 giant cromo frame) 26.6mm
1987 Olympic 12 (grey and pink - 535 giant cromo frame) 26.6mm

OLYMPIC 14 (Lugged)
1991 Olympic 14 (marbled purple and black - 4130 sticker) 26.4mm

OLYMPIC 14 (Lugless)
Not sure of year, (metalic red) 26.2mm
1994 Olympic 14 (metallic blue, no tubeset sticker, fastback seat-stays, 300EX drivetrain) 26.4mm

1985 Nishiki Tri A (originally mainly black with yellow head tube and decals) 26.4mm

Repco Nishiki Medalist
1985 Tange 1 27.2mm

1988 Victory Tri A (dark grey with silver fade onto lugs - tange infinity) - 27.0
1989 Victory Tri A (red with yellow fade - tange infinity tubeset ) - 27.0mm
1991 Victory Tri A (white with yellow and blue fades - no tubeset sticker) - 27.0mm
??? Victory Tri A (black) - 26.6