Online bike fit

Recently I’m feeling my bike might be a little small for me, and my bike mechanic says the same thing. So I looked into getting a bike fit done…but they are really expensive.

So I looked online and noticed a bunch of sites that do a bike fit, based on measurements you input.

My question is, is the online stuff good enough or is this something that needs to be done in person?

Edit: I did an online fit and it told me I need a 58cm st and 60cm tt…which is a lot bigger than my current 55cm. frame.

I would say in person is better.

There are a lot of options I’m Sydney, including Steve Hogg if you’re into magnets and healing crystals.

Probably wouldn’t go to Hogg if it’s just a fixie fit unless you have serious biomech issue. At least one other and I have had fits done by him for roadies which we were super happy about but lots of $$$.

I just want to know what size frame I should be riding…I told a guy at a shop on Clarence street, and I said specifically, I’m looking at Cinelli Vig frame (if I need to change my track frame) and a cannondale caad frame from road bike…his response was a lot of technical stuff and that the bike fit would cost $300. I booked the session, but afterwards I started second guessing my needs equaling that much money.

I find it weird how people are apprehensive about spending money on a bike fit. Most of us will pay a lot of money for bikes and parts yet not a few hundred dollars to make sure the thing we have put so much money in to is comfortable and set up well to prevent injury. When you think about how often you ride averaged out over all the days and years a bike fit is pretty cheap really. Especially if having it set up well prevents over use injuries which can end up sending you to a physio or similar which is rarely cheap. Just something to think about.

300 dollars is about right for a bike fit. Trust the experts.

How tall are you?
The amount of people I see with custom bikes without a bike fit astounds me, a bike fit is by far the best money you will spend on a bike.

Ok…I’ll go with the consensus.

I’ve never had a bike fit, and like others have said, it’s a small price to pay compared to the damage I would likely do if I ride the wrong size…especially given my age. My main concern was, for what I needed 300 was a rip off…but looks like it’s what it should cost.

Thanks for everyone’s advice.

Edit: I’m 187cm tall.

If you are 187 a 54 is way to small, I’m 177 and a 54 is perfect any taller than 179ish and you are to tall
Get the right size frame then get a fit

58cm sounds about in the ball park for you, but your stem length, etc. will depend on your limb dimensions and flexibility. Get the fit.

I’m hoping by the time I get the fit (in 2 weeks) the 2016 cinelli vig’s go on sale too…

Yeah, this.
If you go in with your current undersized bike the fit process will be a waste of time.

And yeah, if you’re ever going custom it’s definitely worth getting a fit done beforehand. The few hundred bucks extra is the best money you’ll ever spend.

maybe i’ve completely missed the point on the fit…i thought the fit would actually tell me what size frame i should be buying before i go out and buy another ill fitting frame. I understand that the fit will do all the rest of the stuff like stem length, seat height, etc, which would be great to use when i set up my bike…but the first thing i need to know if frame size.

when i look up the cinelli vig size guide, it seems like I’m between large and x-large…so before committing to spend more money, i want to get that right.

Ah yeah, there’s also that.

Soz, I keep thinking of bike fit as “dialling in” a bike you already have, but yes, can also be to get the right size initially.


To find your right size frame to start with, you can do something online like this.

But from what you’ve said, at 187cm tall, a 58cm frame for road should be where you start and then make adjustments from there.

that’s exactly the site I used…

And what’d it come back with?

Frame size on a competitive fit:

TT 60.4cm-60.8cm
ST (CC) 55cm-55.6cm
ST (CT) 56.8cm - 57.2cm

then there’s a bunch other measurements on stem, saddle, seatpost type etc.

but this is for a road bike rather than a fixie, which is sometimes slightly different depending on geometry?

don’t overthink it. On a road bike always go for the smaller size if you are between sizes. It will handle better, be lighter, and leave more room for error. If you’re between L and XL, most probably go for L, unless you have some weird physical characteristic.

Example: I am 180 and ride a medium Giant road bike. About a 55 top tube is perfect for me. Before the beardos get in your ear about uprightness and the word ‘supple’ just remember they are doing something different to you.