Only in Japan...

This bike takes fixie builds to new levels.
I always dreamed of the moment that some douche with lots of cash would put a Mavic IO on steel frame… that time is NOW haha

is that a delta on the back???

Is that a brake lever on the top tube??

Yes and yes. BSNYC has commented on it.

It’s funny because that front wheel is probably worth 3x the rest of the bike haha…

My thought would be that
[li]it’s there for dealing with the police.[/li][li]it’s different and therefore cool[/li][/ul]

“Yes Cuntstable Donut I have a fully functional mechanical brake… [mutters under breath] pity its placed in a position that renders it practically useless.”

it would be kinda cool if there was a ratchet mechanism in the brake lever so you could use it like as a handbrake for parking the bike.

check the shite mount for delta. twat.

mostly im indifferent to shitty bikes. but i can safely say i’ve tipped over into HATE for that one.

It looks like a blind person raided the spare parts bin.

I like it.

if this wheel crossed my path i would certainly ride it.

Wheels like that don’t just ‘cross your path’, you pay $$ for them! :lol:

Haha $30000000.00 wheel done up with a quick release.

IDIOT :roll:

possibly (hopefully) a joke?

i like the fluffy animals

i like the fluro chairman mao

I’m with PM the furry animals make it all good :smiley:

I’m kind of digging this fake HED3 :smiley:

loose the bars, pink spokes, and brake lever, and i’d be quiet comfortable with that.