Opinions on Mavic road shoes

I’ve always wanted a pair of these:

Mavic Zxellium shoes

Are they any good?

they are ok. they are the old adidas shoes with different colourWAYZ. they are wider than sidi around the ball & toe area.

and half a size larger.

ie i take a 46 sidi and my adidas shoes are 45.5 - same size.

i dont think i would buy them again because i prefer the fit of sidis.

I would run the shit out of those shoes, for sure. Haven’t heard anything bad about them, and they look hot. Be aware however, that shoes like this make motorists hate you even more.

It looks like the Dodgers logo around the bolt location of the right one there. I do like the Dodgers.

excellent and very very light. Fit like slippers, and as noted, can be hard to get the correct fit, although I don’t really agree with the comment about them being wider. I’ve worn a bunch of Adidas and some Mavic over the past 5 years… love my Adidas.
I got rid of my last pair of Mavics (Road Pro or whatever, very similar to the Zxellium but in carbon and charcoal) because the heel cup was cut too low for me and didn’t cup. That was annoying.

Serious major note!!! All Adidas and Mavic shoes are drilled for 3 bolt cleats well forward of the standard. If you want a conservative or mid-sole placement you are SOL.

Smart arse question, should really keep it to myself but how have you always wanted what has only been on the market for a year or two? (albeit in Mavic form)

As an aside this thread is relevant to my interests

Yes smart arse.
In today’s fast paced consumerist society, 2 years is a long time!

It’s the same as saying I’ve always wanted an electronic Campagnolo EPS groupset?

My brother in-law has a pair and they are super light and have super stiff sole.

I’ve always wanted to meet lady sovereign so I can say ‘eww’ and walk away from her

Even though I didn’t know who she was till 3 years ago

i can attest their sizing is a little bigger than sidi’s, 42 compared to 42 2/3 ??..

seems like a comfy shoe though, but i also noticed the heel was quite shallow, compared to sidis anyway.

im comparing to sidi 5 pro.

If riding shirtless gets you attention, these will get you even more!

Foot porn… get them!

Weirdly enough, despite being très French, Mavic shoes are sized by the UK system. This means their Euro sizes are 43.333, 44, 44.666 etc.

Useful for finding something in between sizes of other brands.

Mavic Footwear Sizing Chart

Do they excite you nexus? :slight_smile:

Omg… Do i have to be the voice of reason… This is not kill bill… They look fucking awful :smiley:

Things I learnt today- sugarkane dislikes Shimano AND Mavic…

What are ya talking about SK, neon yellow is so the colour of 2012

I saw kiss in concert in 1982… Neon sucked then and it totally sucks now…

I mean yellow for fuck sake… You better have a neon yellow bike and the matching GC points leader kit to rock out… :wink:

In fact unless I’m mistaken the color of 2012 is… Nude carbon with black decals

mavic shoes are not neon anyway

And they would look great against that!

Nothing wrong with a bit of flair.