Opinions on Stans Crest vs Arch EX


I’m building up some MTB wheels and of course, the Stans are the go-to rim at the moment. It’s going to be 26 and used for mtbing and bikepacking.
Now I weigh about 74kg, and I might have about 15-20kg of gear worst case.
I hear the Crest rim although very light, is not really the best for heavy loads. So just get the Arch EX’s and be done with it?



Although I am looking at the comparison from a slightly different point of view. Two future builds.

  • 26" long travel hardtail with big cushy 2.3" tyres. Single trail riding. Currently my opinion is split 80/20 in favour of the Arch EX
  • Gravel grinder / CX bike. Options are Iron Cross / Crest / Arch EX or Light Bicycle carbon 29er rims

I weigh 72 kg plus a few kg’s of gear.

In your case horatio, i really like the idea of the stronger rim edge on the Arch EX. Have been riding Blunt SL 29er rims (similar cross section to Crest) for a while and found they dent very easily, especially with low pressure 35mm CX tyres mounted.

26", I have some Stan’s Olympic in the shed…they were top of the line…sitting being very dusty.


Thanks for the thought Rhino, but aren’t the Olympic’s even stupid-lighter than the Stan’s?

Yeah, they are ACE…so fast. Built with the right spokes, they are tough as nails.

They survived the world cup round at Houffalize…

I have gone Crests on several wheel builds (cross and mtb) and always been happy with them whatever that is worth. Just built up some Blunt SLs that i am keen to see how they fare.

I did a bike packing trip on olympics. Was fine, not alot of single track and i’m only 60kgs but not a particularly graceful rider. Got crests now, also fine. They are both 26’’ wheels.

I was looking at a set of Blunt SLs for next build so keen to see what you think.

Otherwise I’m at exactly this point - Crest vs Arch EX.

I’d go arch ex if you’re wanting a wheel that you dont have to think about. I don’t think about my crests and weigh about the same as you, but loaded and out there alone, i’d be going for the strongest that you can be bothered spinning around.

for gravel grinder/pure mtb, I’d b going light bicycle… I plan on replacing my crests with them if/when they fold, have heard a lot of good stuff about em and appreciate their honesty on their website. Crests really are suprisingly tough, though. I ding my rear a lot and its holding up really nicely

YEP. there’s a reason everyone is buying them and putting their own ‘boutique’ brand stickers on them.

Sun mammoths,
Oh hang on it’s not 98

This, except replace crest with alpine. In saying that I’m realllllly light.

these built by someone with lots of experience building carbon hoops seems to make a lot of sense at the moment, even more so when the new process XC rim becomes available.

ha, this was just pointed out to me yesterday, rims side by side.

So light bicycle are the ones to get?

About $170USD a pop eh? tempting

What hubs are people building to at the moment? After something lightish and reliable without costing too much, don’t need to be overly durable as they’re for the missus and she’s sub 55kg. The DT 350 seems like a good option at the moment, but does anyone havea more informed opinion?

Yep this is a good solid choice I think.
It’s funny I’m big on my XTR hubs still, what’s better is they sell for nothing on ebay since you can’t attach the XX1 cassette to it lol (ie everyone seems to be going down the XX1 driver path)

Hope Pro 2. The newer evos are meant to be even better.
I has the older SS/trials version (more engagement, shorter cassette body) and its great. Come in lot of different colours.

Yeah, Hopes are good.

Great value, easy to service, parts are readily available.

but they are loud.