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Rumours/Signings/Performance predictions (because they’re fun)

The Meyer brothers, current national road champ Jack Bobridge, and the old hand O’Grady already signed.

The latest teaser:
“The first of our international signings to be announced today - A Tour de France & Giro d’Italia stage winner…”

Tony Martin der Panzerwagen?

I hear they want Gene, they’ll be watching him dominate D grade on the weekend very closely.

Love to see him sitting in a TT hotseat, cameras in his face, waiting for Cancellara to finish. “Duuuuuuudee, I totally smashed that ay…”

If they do pick up tony they’ll be massive in a TTT with bobridge and the myer boys

I’m hoping it’s actually Tony Martin.

It’s Pieter Weening…
not as exciting as hoped.

EDIT: Acyually I remember he wore pink jersey in the giro this year for a few days?

They sure are.

Peter Weening was one of the original names given, as was O’Grady, JB, the Meyers. So it seems the inital leaks were accurate.

It is exciting because he has lots of World tour points and is awesome in his own right IMO.

i turned them down when they told me they wanted me as a lead out man! PFFFFFF im a GC bitchs!

and theres me thinking you were looking for a job… it seems beggers can be choosers!

Sebastian Langeveld has joined the team.

Simon Gerrans has also now signed

I wondered what was up with the Holland/Australia trades. Who is the common link?

It’s looking like quite a good early season team…

‘Dutch oven’ jokes are good for team morale!


Yep. It’s looking good for a Pro Tour license…

Especially with the points obtained from Tour of Denmark. Given that there are more riders to come they should end up top ten or so on the points list.

In other transfer news Gilbert confirmed at bmc and pinotti rumor is building. They are going to be strong.

the dutch connection GROWS

GreenEdge Engine Room Gets A Boost With Mouris | Cyclingnews.com

I’m sorry, couldn’t resist that one

Cookie and Wilson!

Tomas Vaitkus too.

Anyone think they are aiming for some TTT wins?