Osaka Keirin

After a week of skiing we’ve found our way to Osaka. Tomity hooked us up with some Keirin action about 20 minutes out of town so we went down today to check it out, thanks heaps Tomity it was awesome! From the vibe of the locals at the velodrome we got the feeling that what we did today would be like a young Japanese couple coming to Australia and spending a day at Albion Park watching the greyhounds, just because they are dog lovers. The racing was awesome though, we saw a couple of crashes and there were some great photo finishes as well. I’ve thrown together some photos, but you just can’t capture the vibe, our favourite part of the day was the bad 70’s Martial Arts film anthem that played as the riders came through the “fighting gate”. I don’t have the bandwidth to upload a video of it yet but will do so when I get the chance.

Number 1!!!

Betting Pen

Starting line

NJS Kickstand (one of the bikes that the officials use to get out to the tower).

Kirin at Keirin

Ready to go

Lunch ladies

Tower referee (there is one at each corner)

NJS kickstands :slight_smile:

A must have item in 2010

Got some video to youtube. Just listen to the music, it’s awesome!

Spotted in the streets of Osaka :mrgreen:

Crazy…so are they like 700c Bmx’Tuffs’ wheels… ha!

a friend has one that’s pretty much the same in her backyard. it has blue plastic wheels and a pink frame and is rusting away outside. i’m trying to convince her to fix it up and get on riding!

It’s funny because it’s true. My girlfriend and I got the same vibe in Tokyo.

nice review!

myself and my gf went to Nara keirin last year, apparently i was the first to ever ask at the tourist info about it, told not to go as it was seedy, we went, only westerners for sure but everyone loved us!

Some more good sightings today. This was in a fixed gear bike shop in Osaka:

This cute little mini-velo was at the same shop (note the polo mallet as well, unfortunately no games on while I’m here :cry:)

SUCK IT UP - you haven’t told us what you have bought yet though.

Your house got flooded out with all the rain we’ve been having - but Gypo broke in (thank God) and retrieved your stuff.

He is storing it at Gear until you come back.

But also has it on ebay.

I have no doubt you are both having a ball - please tell Cath to shave her ears though before she returns to polo.


I believe the first of those hit the streets of melbourne just before xmas and i can speak from experience that although it looks pretty weird it rides super solid (unless you are ian_humanXX :wink:)

Wish I could lay down the 15 large they wanted for a De Rosa I saw today at one of the largest road bike stores I’ve ever set foot in. Just around the corner from or hotel here in Osaka. They even had a whole fixed gear section with the usual suspects (Soma, Velocity, etc.) represented. This place was full of the stuff that dreams are made of!

I am waiting to drop the coin when I hit Tokyo though.

Tomity pointed me in the right direct earlier this year to watch some Keirin just outside of Tokyo, was interested and not really what I expected…

Will post some photos also when I get a chance…

So I’ve made a home movie of the whole trip. Skip to part 3 if you’re interested in some of the Keirin. I didn’t get much on film unfortunately as you really need a zoom lens to do it justice.

Big thanks to Tomity for coming out to meet us at the Kalavinka workshop, it was great to meet you and hear some stories as well as get an inside look at the masters at work!

Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Great pics… Keep them coming!

I am off to book a ticket now :slight_smile:

defo something for the to do list

Thread bump, where do I find details of Keirin racing, aiming to be in Japan in March/April

Paging @beercyclist for the local knowledge