Oh boy, that’s good.

yep. good.


Tip top


You done good p1nz0.

Thanks all. Can’t tell you how good it feels to get this thing rolling.

Ace, decent photoshoot comin? That background does the bike no favours!

^ Ha ha. It’s to distract you from all the mistakes!

I was trying to tee up a mate who knows how to wield a camera, but between shit weather and family commitments I just ran out and took my own.

That stem clamp bolt really makes it, don’t you think?

A++, knowing how much mental energy into this makes it even more awesome.

Congrats Pinzo, this looks excellent.

I am building something similar ATM (albeit not that awesome/classy) so I’m taking some inspiration. That rear brake bridge is my fave frame detail I think.

Looks fast too. How does it ride?

^ Thanks mate. Yeah it rides beautifully - I wasn’t expecting much of a difference from the old setup, but it certainly feels a lot smoother.

Still have to dial in a few things, but I’ve been a bit lazy as the weather has been shit. Only rode it to work and back once!

Those Ergopowers are going to take a bit of getting used to! Plus I set it up Euro braking to further confuse me. I’m a bit worried the right lever might need a rebuild as I could get it out of gear when I pulled the cable, but I need to do a proper investigation.

SJ: Apparently the fork could well be Columbus Air. Which is interesting because as far as I’m aware Pinarello didn’t do any production Columbus Air frames, and most of the ones I can find didn’t have a fork like mine. Come on.