Paconi decals

Does anyone know if these type of Paconi decals are available to be purchased anywhere? As far as I can tell Paconi is no more, and Kev Wigham is sick (?) so I wasn’t going to contact them.

Greg Softley? Can’t see those exact ones there…

Yeah, only came across these older style ones:

Might email him still.

He will be able to make them up custom

Yeah, he got back to me and said he can make themup, but now I have to redraw them (not a standard font as far as I can see).

Any answer on this one. Would like a set myself

Email Greg / Cyclomondo. I sent him an .ai file of the decals redrawn by the awesome EzyLee so he should be able to print you some.

Here’s the downtube.

Asked , but I got the feeling it was too hard so I just got the yellow P ones