Paganini Supercorsa

My first proper roadie, was never going to stray from steel.

Paganini Supercorsa, built by Ciocc. Unsure of tubing, but has the original columbus sticker on the seat tube, 27.2 post, campy tips and drop outs, plenty of pantos, and a lots of details/cutouts in the bb shell and lugs. From the number hanger one would assume its a half decent race frame. All original paint and chrome, paint actually has a sparkle/glitter to it under the sun.

Parts list includes full Campy 10spd Record, Mavic Cosmic Pros, OG Turbo, Selcof saddle, chorus headset, look pedals, 3ttt stem and bars.

Still need plenty of tweaks to come after a quick shake down round the burbs, havnt busted open the new cables yet, will do so once im comfortable with everything.

Excuse the night pics, having two youngens means playtime for me is after hours.

Oh, and all pics taken with my S100 for those interested, bloody great camera.

I like.
Might just be the lighting but the black/dark components look good.

How does the 10sp go? It’s on my list of possible (which really is a list of potential bargains on ebay).

Record 10 - awesome.
such a nice balanced bike!

Jase! you’ve done an amazing job with this one, looks incredible.
and I agree with Jimmy, the lighting works.
Only thing i’d change would be for a more modern saddle, let the blood floooooooowwwwww to where it needs to.

Panto’d head tube ‘badge’? Hell yeah.

Frame has some really nice colour Jase! You keeping this one?

My 2c. Get rid of that bar tape. Looks tacky, i think its just the white stitching through it that doesn’t do it for me.

Looks ace, Jase! Well done man. Those night shots look kinda sick too. Might have to try this with the next bike. :stuck_out_tongue:

amazing. +1 on great shots. need moar

Looks pretty nice! Liking the modern group on the older frame… Is that 10speed the last version…? It has ultra torque cranks

Plain Columbus sticker would indicate that it’s Columbus SL.

When them Gatorskins wear out I hope you can try some nicer, supple tyres. It’ll really make the bike sweeter riding and more enjoyable.

Did you buy this from Sydney?

Lovely ride, looks great + Cosmic’s are great wheels.

Not getting punctures is pretty enjoyable too…

Nice bike!

cheers lads

jimmy - my first roadie, so nothing to compare it to, once i put more k’s on it ill have a better feel

ronin - cheers bud

greenie - cheers dude, yeh, the saddle is something i need to tweak, think my backside is more of a concor kind of butt, have never really tried moderns saddles so will need to do a little research on this one

fg - yeh, one of the reasons i really liked this frame, just love the amount of pantos on this thing

gypo - that is my intention, practical and looks the goods (to me). As for the bartape, im a fan, i did consider finding a matching blue =D

andy - cheers matey!

elm - thanks bra, need to grab some day shots =)

kanye - fanx moit, yeh, i think it is. Love the ability to drump more then one gear at a time too =D

spizza - SL? awesome, thanks for that mate, any suggestions on tyre choice? Nah, frame came from the UK. The wheels are very smooth considering their age, still planning on some Fulcrum 3s, the 16 spokes on this makes me a little nervous as im no light weight.


Jase a good alround tire is the conti gp4000. If your not commuting and the roads arn’t super shitty they veloflex master 22 or the new 23s they are the nicest tires you can get… Costs about the same as the GPs but they will wear our a bit faster

Lots of suggestions but tyres are always a compromise - I’d check the Tyre thread and read around there to get an idea for suitable tyres for it. We’re it mine I’d choose a good all-rounder like Vredestein Fortezza’s or Challenge Forte open’s.

As per horatio’s suggestion, if this was a car thread we’d all be driving Volvo station wagons. I ride light supple tyres, with very little flat protection and I rarely flat. If you flat a lot then I suggest 9 times out of 10 the problem lies with the user. Life’s too short to ride boring, dull tyres with no feel or grip. Why put the riding equivalent of cross-ply tyres on an Italian sports car?

That’s hilarious because that’s my car!

Nuff said

(that is hilarious !!!)

Can’t really fault it, excellent work Mr Jase.

I’m just wondering if you got up early or stayed up late!

I might have driven one briefly, at one point, maybe. But it wasn’t mine.

Hilarial ® (Spirito).

Nice bike JJ

sk/spizza - cheers, will look into when i cross that bridge

P!N20 - haha yeh photos taken at close to midnight, lighting was purely from some light bulbs on my front gate, cheers duder

se - muchos gracias homey.