Paris-Brest-Paris tracker.

Jan Heine is #c083.

Another guy I follow on IG (Gabe / @olgrumpy) is #p185.

Arran Pearson @arranp likes a long ride #S328

I’ve got a couple mates doing it, some for the first time. Apparently it’s the biggest PBP ever.

Old Jan did 33.4 kph average on the first 221 ks section. Pretty damn good!


He has been going on about the pacelines they’ve been using of late. has it as a map with live timings for the Aussie participants.

I was F003, on a tandem with Brizzie mate George. Our only time on the tandem before PBP was riding to the start from London. It went well, a comfortable ride with plenty of sleep. PBP is a must for anybody who enjoys a long ride.

Nice work. I’m aiming to do the 2035 edition when I’m 60. Joking/not joking.

yeah, good stuff.

Nice collation of all the results.

ohhhh man, that is rough for S320

Some really good pics there.

Really like this one: