paypal $20 cash back for all transactions over $50

Yeah I thought that too - the links are legit. You just wont get back your $20.

I get offers all the time from paypal,

Then a day later they send another saying “not for you”,

Does anyone ever get friggin vouchers I’m sure they don’t even exit.

The real question is whether

is a legitimate Paypal site- it appears to be, unless the scammers are getting pretty sophisticated…

Where’s spud when you need him?

yeah, it looks legit to me, and its been around for a while. here are some previous offers:

i should also mention that i found the original deal from

regardless, always best to exercise caution. if in doubt, don’t order.

When you go to

And hit the contact us button it redirects you to

Which is where I go to sign into my account.

So - New question. Is this offer just for the recipient of the e-mail or is it open to everyone?

The address should be

Link submitted to paypal australia scam query.

Pay Online, Send Money or Set Up a Merchant Account - PayPal Australia redirects straight to

so… what’s the deal here? all very odd.

I ordered some stuff through this morning and it shows up in my paypal account, order is currently being processed through the my account function on the wiggle site and it says PAID VIA PAYPAL…

Seems legit, just not expecting the $20 cashback after reading all this and I changed my PAYPAL password just in case…

Anyhow, the dollar is sweet got some Gators and lenses for under $100 with free shipping!

I ordered some stuff through wiggle. Will see how it pans out but everything appears as normal now (although i changed my password just to be safe)

Edit - Oldpuggler read my mind!

+1 did the same. 2 x Rolls

“Registrant: PayPal Australia Pty Limited”

Hmm. Looks legit - legit as in it’s a PayPal site.

Funny though that “” is;
“Registrant: PayPal Inc”

I wouldn’t go there - remember if you’re paying $50 and getting $20 back, you’re still paying $30, just this way that site makes referrer cash, paid by the stores with money made from inflated pricing to you.

Also, redirected to Pay Online, Send Money or Set Up a Merchant Account - PayPal Australia for a very long time, it seems that now they’ve finally made it work. Web 2.0 eh?

edit; page3snypa

ok, contacted paypal… i’d look quiet the fool if it turned out to be a scam:

Thank you for contacting PayPal, my name is Diane and I am happy to
assist you today.

I understand from your email that you would like to know if the website
you provided is a legitimate website. Dr. Icecream, I am happy to inform
you that the website you provided is a legitimate website.

It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing PayPal.

PayPal, an eBay Company

PayPal Australia Pty Limited.
Copyright © 1999-2009 PayPal. All rights reserved. PayPal Australia Pty
Limited ABN 93 111 195 389 (PPA) holds an Australian Financial Services
Licence, number 304962. Any general financial product advice provided in
this email is provided by PPA and has not taken into account your
objectives, financial situations or needs.

Original Message Follows:

Form Message
customer subject: is this offer legit, or a scam?
customer message: Additional Information: 'hi. just wondering if the
following is legit? is so, is it open to all paypal australia users?

didn’t confirm that its open to all, but sounds like it is. guessing they’ve had 10^6 of these emails. also, super quick response (like 10 mins).

…so who wants to test it first… :evil:

Dr Icecream - rad.

I think plenty of us already have.

Yes, I gather that!

So is it BS- will they give you $20.00 or not?

Offer closes on the 3rd Nov but you might not get the money back until 3rd Dec. Hope and pray.

I am still going to buy some crap I need anyway.

Just so I’m clear- you just have to spend over $50.00 on any of their approved Paypal stores and you’ll get given a $20.00 in your account?

So technically anyone who uses Wiggle in the next couple of weeks and spends over $50.00 will inadvertently get a $20.00 in their account?? :?

yeah, it seems strange to me as well. usually there’d be some sort of voucher code or such.

i still don’t get why an “official” paypal site would have a seperate domain to :expressionless:

dunno bout this one, doing a wiggle order next week so hopefully i get $20 back hahaha