Peaks of GC

Anyone interested ???

Peaks Challenge Gold Coast is a 235km loop ride on Saturday 8 August from the Gold Coast via Tamborine, Beechmont, Springbrook, Natural Bridge and Tomewin.

will need some solid training first

three hundred doll hairs is exxpp

fair bit included for that cost

This ride is a wank for all of the turbo hubbards, and for the entry fee you can rack so much coke with the titans

So you have signed all ready bennet?

if it’s an awesome route, lets just ride it the week before

Yeah, on rented Harleys for less cost.

I agree scott and we can call it the FOA Gran Fond-NO.

Sold to that man!

It is expensive but at the same time it’s good that we’re getting things like this close to home instead of having to travel to Victoria for similar events.

If I had the money and if I was built like dayne I’d give it a go. those are two big if’s though.

Or Con’s #bodyofatwelveyearold + compacts… neither of which I have too.

Ive spent all my money on a legal defense for the titans

Keen for an FOA ride, Ive done the southern loop a few times its solid bruuuahh

I’ve done all those climbs except the beechmont from canungra and i’ve only been down the side of tambourine the route goes up.

but a loop from mudgeereba of SPRINGBROOK > NATURAL BRIDGE > MURWILLIMBAH > TOMEWIN > MUDGEEREBA would be awesome. (or the reverse of that)


#granfond-no i’m keen

I’m living in nungas for the next month. Bringing my bike back next week for a recce of the beechmont nonsense.

For this ride I hope they’ve closed roads cos there’s no shoulders here at all and visibility around corners in 90km/h zones is non-existent.

Did a recce of O’Riellys today and drove some of Beechmont yesterday. Yeah it’s hilly, and yeah it’s a long ride but people won’t realise until they’re halfway through that the roads are HORRIBLE. Hot rubbish horrible. 235km on these roads is going to feel close to 350km I think. Definitely want to run 85psi on some 25c’s to ride here.

I did Henri Robert drv (first climb) and beechmont last week. Henri Roberts is stupid, much of the 2.4 km climb is 18%, a short break then another 800m or so at 18%.

In contrast beechmont was freakin great! Long climb with a nice gradient that was easy to find a rhythm on. The ride back to Nerang was a 12 km decent on fresh bitumen. Massive smile all the way down.

Beechmont is a super nice ride, springbrook almost has the same feel. There are only two good climbs and the rest will be rubbish

I was up O’Riellys Sunday so I’m keen to give it a go from Canungra sometime soon. 35km of climb then the same again as a decent, pretty rough roads all of the way so I agree with wide tyres etc.