Pedals for clipless OR toestraps

I’m presuming that there may be pedals available that let you ride clipless (with spd’s, cleats, whatever) as well as with clips + straps, does anyone have any suggestions?

I’d like the freedom to have both without buying two pairs/switching pedals, etc etc.


I’ve never seen any. Imagine what a pain in the ass it would be to install and uninstall clips and straps all the time, or even worse have them dragging on the floor under the cleat side of the pedal.

Think you’re just going to have to suck it up!

this has to be up there as one of the stupidest questions asked on these forums

good luck finding these

build two matching bikes…one with clips/straps & the other clipless!

once you start riding clipless, you wont want to go back anyway…

shimano M324 are single sided SPD pedals with a platform on the other side. I have used them clipless and as plain flat pedals. Clipless they work just like all the other (admittedly low end) SPD pedals i’ve used and were fine. didn’t have any complaints about the platform side either (didn’t use straps on them though).
You’d most likely have to take off your clips and straps to stop them hitting the ground when using the SPD side of the pedal as mentioned above.

I have some for sale. No cleats though, but I think Ben’s Cycles sell them.


cleats all the way

damn straight… in any event, I’m pretty sure even the most mechanically challenged individual would be capable of swapping a pair of pedals over in less than 60 seconds

I need to be able to wear normal shoes for when I’m going somewhere and can’t take two pairs… In any case, as it turns out you can just use slotted cleats with LOOK-type pedals on a lot of track pedals, including MKS Sylvans, so I’ll just go with that. They still need clips and straps but they’ll give some more security than sneakers anyway.

This thread is confusing. Just buy two sets of pedals and switch them over when it’s necessary; clips and straps when you’re ‘going somewhere’ and clipless when you’re not. It’s not exactly hard or very time consuming to switch pedals. Or even better, buy some of those Chrome shoes with the cleats in them. That way you’ll be able to ride with cleats and still have non-cycling shoes to wear when you reach your destination (I’m assuming that’s the issue here).

…or mtb shoes
i rocked them at a hardcore show once, was awesome.

that, and i don’t want to buy two pairs of pedals if i don’t have to.

Dude. Ditch the roadie shoes. They are for cycling. Find some nice mountainbike shoes and you won’t need two pairs, just wear them all the time. Plus, to top it off, you can get some lovely crank brothers pedals which will look sweet.

Shimano do a clipless sandal and I’ve seen street shoes that have them too. Alternatively, get creative, cut holes in your shoes, put metal plates under your inner soles and hey presto, clipless any-shoes.

Look here The Casual Clipless SPD Shoe Review: Mission Workshop's Rondel vs. Chrome's Kursk Pro - Bikerumor

Vans Warner SPD shoes?

Wiggle sell em, and all VANS shit is on sale over there.

Yeah, get some Crank Brothers / SPDs / Time ATACs and a pair of casual SPD compatible shoes like:
SPD Compatible Sneakers - DZR

I’ve been using the Tahoes almost daily, and for extended bike touring too for about three years now and they’re still going strong:
Specialized Bicycle Components : Tahoe MTB Shoe

DZR’s look good

I wear them every day to work, they go alright, shit for walking long distance though, and shit for riding long distance now I think about it